Zendaya Teases Timothée Chalamet About ‘Weird’ First Meeting

When Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya first shared the screen in Dune, it turns out their paths first crossed long before that.

During an interview on US chat show Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week, Timothée recalled that he and Zendaya met at the airport before they became co-stars.

Let’s just say it all started out “weird.”

“We were on the same flight, and I crashed at the airport and technically that was our first meeting,” Zendaya explained, which made her fellow Dune stars burst out laughing.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” the Emmy winner joked, while Florence Pugh asked: “You fell? And did he help you?”

And while Timothée urged his colleagues to “ignore” the elephant in the room, Zendaya still had some questions about the incident that she hadn’t asked up to that point.

Namely, “did you really see me fall?”.

Zendaya and Timothée in the first Dune filmZendaya and Timothée in the first Dune film

“I do not know him!” Timothée then persisted, when asked further why he didn’t help his future co-stars. “I do not know what to do!”

Luckily for the Oscar nominee, Zendaya then ended the conversation, stating that Timothée had been “forgiven” for not rushing to help her.

The Dune sequel is scheduled to hit theaters next month after its previous release date was pushed back due to last year’s Hollywood strike.

Meanwhile, Denis Villeneuve admitted that he intends to make another film about the science fiction saga based on the book by Frank Herbert.

Dune Part Two will be released on Friday March 1st.

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