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How Can I Watch Virgin in Another Room Without a Box Free

How Can I Watch Virgin in Another Room Without a Box For Free? If you don’t want to spend on virgin media multi-room a single penny. Then Today I am going to show you how you can watch virgin multi-room for free.

Watching TV in another room with the choice of your series is such an enjoyable moment. Virgin Media multi-room provides you with the feature that you can enjoy your favourites shows, movies, Series in your room.

The latest Digital Video Recorder (VDR) is Virgin media V6 TV Box. In this you will get a storage of 1TB means, you can store a watch hour of 500 hours at a time. The maximum number of series you can save is 6 while watching 7th series on HD TV.

What is Virgin Media Multi-Room?

Virgin media Multiroom is a device that you can use to watch TV in another room without a box. Like if you want to watch your favourites channels in your room and don’t like to watch in the original room at the same time.

Watch Virgin in Another Room

Then this device is used to save your money because it has the feature to save your channel and after that, you can watch it without paying extra for your monthly subscription.

I hope it is clear from the below diagram, how it works for multi-room. You will get 5 set-top boxes additionally with virgin media multi-room. This helps you to watch all your favourites channel that you are paying for in your subscription, along with the shows and on-demand apps.

Watch Virgin in Another Room

The only thing you have to think is how you can manage your additional boxes and does your old telly support your plan. Otherwise, you will require an HD box & telly to view HD channels.

The best thing about virgin media is you will get your second TV V6 Box free. The users who had taken Full house, Mix, or player bundles have to pay £49.95 extra for V6 Box additional £20 for the activation fee. They also have to pay for monthly subscription i.e; £7.50.

How Much Virgin Media Multiroom Cost

Watch Virgin in Another Room

Before get into the cost, Let’s take a short overview at the offers for the new customers for their Tv service:

Currently the company is offering 2 packages for the new customer i.e; either you can select virgin media TV, broadband, Phone or you can select broadband & phone. It is all up to you, with which plan you want to go.

The cost for Tv, broadband & Phone will cost you around £29.99/mth (Limited offer Valid till 29 April). The contract period is minimum of 12 months and for new customer the company wave off the setup cost.

On the other hand, the cost for broadband and phone will cost you nearly £28/mth (Limited offer Valid till 29 April). The contract period is the same as that of the above plan with the same feature.

What are the Packages option you will get

What is Virgin Media Multi Room?

M50 Fibre Broadband

  • No TV Included
  • Average Speed up to 54Mb Unlimited
  • Contract Will be 12 months Minimum
  • No Upfront Fee
  • Monthly Cost £37

Big bundle + Drama pick

  • TV 150 (33 HD) included
  • The average speed of 108Mb unlimited
  • Same contract of 12 months minimum.
  • Free Upfront Price
  • Monthly Cost will be £35

Ultimate Oomph bundle

  • TV 270 (85 HD) included.
  • The unlimited average speed of 516Mb.
  • The contract will be the same as that of other packages.
  • Upfront price free.
  • The monthly cost will be £99

A short comparison between Tivo 500GB vs Virgin V6 1TB Box

Tivo 500 GB

  • You can record 250 hours in SD and 50 Hours in HD
  • You can do recording up to 3 per box.
  • HD supported.
  • Upfront Cost will be £25 setup.

Virgin V6 1TB Box

  • Record maximum of 500 hours in SD, 100 hours in HD
  • Can do recording up to 6 per box.
  • Both HD & 4K supported.
  • The setup cost of £25 included + New customer will get the free first box, existing customers will have to pay £99.95

Watch Virgin in Another Room Setup

The setup is very easy if you follow each step correctly. Make sure you have all the accessories with you and additional cables.

Things required for Multi room Setup

Things required for Multi room Setup

You will require complete set of tools along with the extra cables if you going to extend it to another room.

  • Cable (Co-ax cable)
  • One HDMI Port Cable
  • TV Remote
  • Power cables
  • Set-top box

Make a Connection

Now using all these thing you have to make a secure connection. You can follow the guide that is attached with the multi room or follow below method.

You have to connect the red side of the Co-ax cable to the right side of the virgin media wall socket. Make sure you have done it is a proper manner. There is a small screw at the head of the port, push the cable with some pressure so that it attached correctly.

Connect Your TV Box

Connect Your TV Box

The next step is to connect the Tv Box with the cable, The blue side of the co-ax cable should be connected to the back of the digital TV Set-top box in the Co-ax port.

Connect Your TV

Connect Your TV

Next, you have to connect the HDMI cable with to the TV. One side of your HDMI cable should be connected to the Port of your TV and another side of your cable should connect to the set-up box.

Power cable setup

After connecting all your cable with the box now you have to provide the power to the set- top box. Power connection is very easy you have to connect the power cable to the electricity port and other end to the Digital set-up box.

Turn ON your TV

Turn ON your TV

Check all the connection before switching on your tv. Set it to the AV mode and choose your channel. In order to select the channels you have to press the source button and you will be able to see the list of channels.

Click on the channel you want to watch, it will ask you to select the region and language. Select the region from UK or Ireland and click on Ok.

Enter your Activation Code

This is the last step you have to do when all your setup is complete. It will ask for the activation code, Enter the activation code. If you don’t remember your code you can find it under Login to My Account section.

Enter your Activation Code

Once you have entered the code, press the ok button. Now your setup is completed and your service will be up and running.

What is the need of virgin multi-room

The need is depends upon the watching habit of your family. Most of the service provider like Sky and Virgin offer on-demand apps that offer you to watch on laptop, smart devices. Some people find it fine and easily manage it.

If you want to take the best experience, must go with the multi-room subscription plan. As it has many features and advantages.

  • It will save your money, you don’t require additional service connection. You can use multi-room to watch more than one TV with the same subscription.
  • Don’t have to pay for different subscriptions.
  • Easy to set up and require only a few minutes to install cable and settings.
  • Two people can watch a different channel at the same time.
  • You don’t have to do fight with your kids to watch your favourite channel.

How Can I Watch Virgin in Another Room Without a Box for Free

Many users have a question that Can I Watch Virgin in Another Room Without a Box? The solution is Yes you can watch your channels if you have only one Box. The methods through which you can get virgin multiroom free are:

By Using RF Demodulator

RF Demodulator is a type of device that is connected to your socket. It Distributes the socket into few more socket through which you can use different TV. It is very easy to use and plug and play device.

By using Infrared Extender

This is also an useful product in term of Extend your cable to another room. It is very easy to install and plug n play device. It works on the principle of transmit signals to the TV upto some meters so that you can control your TiVo from another room.

The main extender is attached to the Tv in your main room and another Extender is connected to another room.

HDMI Over CAT6 Extender

You can use HDMI Over CAT6 Extender, if you want to view in another room. It has more feature as that of normal extender. It offers an additional HDMI output for your TV. As a normal Extender it also has in built IR sender/receiver support to control your Tv from a distance.

Check out some of the best offers on Extender. most of the product gives you upto 60% off. Click on the below button and it will redirect you to the promo page.

Watch Virgin in Another Room FAQ’s

How can I watch virgin V6 in another room without a box?

Yes, You can watch Virgin V6 in your another room for that you have to purchase an Extended setup kit. By using the Multi-room extender kit you can watch the channels in more than two rooms. You can buy a kit from this link:- Up to 60% Off.

How much is virgin multi room cost?

The cost depends on the packages you have selected. The basic package start from £35 and If you want to know more details visit this link – Package Cost.

Can I use my old tivo box in another room?

Yes, you can use it in another room. You only have to purchase an extended kit and after that, you can enjoy your channel from another room in your old Tivo Box. Click here to buy.

How to get virgin multi-room free?

To use it for free you have to either connect it with the additional box with the Ethernet cable to the router or to one another. If it isn’t possible then you need an adapter. You will find it here search for the free multi-room connector.

The Maximum of v6 boxes can i have?

You will get a maximum of more than one V6 boxes from a virgin. User will get next V6 box for free and if you want more v6 box you have to pay extra.

If you have any questions related to “How Can I Watch Virgin in Another Room Without a Box Free” comment below or you can write in personal at Isprovider reviews.

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