Was Sara Ramírez Really ‘Kicked Out’ And Just Like That?

Since the Sex And The City reboot And Just Like That debuted in 2021, Che Diaz’s divisive character has been at the forefront of conversation.

This even proved to be the case when the show was on hiatus ahead of its third season, amid rumors that Sara Ramírez, who plays Che, would not return when And Just Like That returned.

Rumors of Sara’s exit came after a cryptic post in which they called the entertainment industry “two-faced”, claiming that those who spoke out in support of Palestine were being “blacklisted”. However, a new report in the Daily Mail paints a somewhat different story.

So, what exactly is going on with Sara Ramírez and And Just Like That? Here’s what we know so far…

May 2021: Sara Ramírez joins the revival of Sex And The City And Just Like That

Sara stars with And Just Like That in promo images for the second seasonSara stars with And Just Like That in promo images for the second season

Sex And The City has long been criticized for focusing solely on the straight, cisgender, white perspective of life and love in New York City, so when the And Just Like That reboot was announced, the team made it clear that they would try to fix some things. these past mistakes.

Among the first new additions to the revival cast is Sara Ramírez, best known for her long-running stint as Dr. Callie Torres in Grey’s Anatomy and her Tony-winning performance in the musical Spamalot.

Although little was initially known about their role, Che Diaz, it was announced that they would be the first non-binary characters in the franchise (Sara herself came out as non-binary in August 2020).

December 2021: And Just Like That debuts – and Che immediately raises eyebrows

Che performs in a stand-up show on And Just Like ThatChe performs in a stand-up show on And Just Like That

It didn’t take long for Sex And The City fans to voice their opinions about Che, the comedian who hosts the podcast X, Y and Me, where Carrie Bradshaw is a contributor.

Among the criticisms of Che are the “jokes” they use in their stand-up routines, the characters’ repeated use of the term “comedy concert” to describe Che’s live performances, the awkward way they refer to drug use (“I’ have done a lot”) and the “wake up alarm” button that they use a lot when presenting their podcasts.

What doesn’t help at all is the fact that Che was the catalyst for Miranda leaving her husband, Steve, ending one of the fan-favorite relationships from the original Sex And The City series.

June 2023: And Just Like That dives deeper into Che Diaz as a character

Sara on set with Sarah Jessica ParkerSara on set with Sarah Jessica Parker

One thing we respect about the second season of And Just Like That is the fact that it doubled down on Che Diaz, despite fan criticism of the character.

In fact, the writing team even made it a plot point, with an episode in the second season showing Che being torn apart by a focus group watching their ill-fated sitcom pilot Che Pasa, in which a strange member of the panel described Che. character as “a fake, sanitized, performative, cheap, crap version of a dad joke about the non-binary experience.”

Later in the episode, Che can be heard wailing: “This is my identity! It took me 46 years to find out who I was – and then a one-hour focus group to break me down.”

July 2023: Sara Ramírez defends their character Che Diaz

Sara at the premiere of And Just Like That in 2021Sara at the premiere of And Just Like That in 2021

While promoting And Just Like That’s second season, Sara gave several interviews in defense of Che.

“The women on the show can be messy and imperfect, likable and unlikable, so of course, Che can also be imperfect, complex, likable and unlikable,” they told Elle.

“You know, the LGBTQIA+ community isn’t perfect, and we don’t have to be.”

Sara also told The Cut a month earlier: “I think there are people like Che in this world, and I think the opinion about whether Che represents truly queer people or not is not for me to answer.

“It’s great to see Che become a mainstream disruptor. We’ve had mass mobilizations for anti-racism in George Floyd, so realizing how important disruption is, realizing how important it is to wake people up from their own comfort and privilege, is really important to me. that summer.”

August 2023: Sara Ramírez responds to an article in The Cut

Sara as Che Diaz

Of the aforementioned interview in The Cut, Sara later said in a now-deleted Instagram post: “I am not the fictional characters I play, nor am I responsible for the things they are written to say. I am a human being, an artist, an actor.

“We live in a world that is increasingly hostile towards anyone who dares to break free from the gender binary, or disrupt the mainstream.”

They added: “When a cis person is in charge and has complete control over what dialogue actors say, and you have a legitimate problem with it, maybe you should interview them.”

And Just Like That’s second season also concluded in August, when a third was confirmed to be in the works.

October 2023: Sara Ramírez voices support for Palestine amidst the Gaza conflict

Sara has always been a passionate supporter for the causes they believe in, and in the past three months, has repeatedly voiced her support for Palestine amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and sharing photos of herself at protests in support Palestine. Palestine.

Interestingly, on New Year’s Eve, Sara shared a post reflecting on the past year, including “being let go from spaces I didn’t deserve, and being invited into spaces I didn’t deserve,” although they didn’t provide further clarification or details.

January 17, 2024: Sara Ramírez calls entertainment industry ‘two-faced’

Che's character is explored more in the second season of And Just Like ThatChe’s character is explored more in the second season of And Just Like That

Rumors about Sara’s future with And Just Like That began in January 2024, when they shared a cryptic post on Instagram calling out the “duplicative” nature of the entertainment industry.

“While they were giving awards, directors and casting agents created a blacklist of actors and workers who posted anything supporting Palestinians in Gaza to ensure they would never work again,” they wrote.

“While they supported some of their clients who had spoken out against this genocide, they fired and let other clients who had smaller platforms go. While they give credit to ‘LGBTQ organizations’, they remain silent regarding the organization’s ties to weapons manufacturers who currently support the Israeli military as they commit genocide against Palestinian lives which includes LGBTQIA2S+ lives.

“I understand. The awards are brilliant and people need to pay their rent or feel special and powerful. Meanwhile, we are past the 100-day mark of a ‘war’ that many, including the ICC, have recognized as genocide.”

They added: “It’s wild how performative many people in Hollywood are. Even more performative than the last character I played.”

Shortly after, the media started picking up on Sara’s words, and they responded: “Don’t let the tabloids distract you from what’s happening in Gaza. Still, a very good try.”

January 18, 2024: The Daily Mail alleges that Sara has been removed from the third season of And Just Like That

Che and Miranda in the second season of And Just Like ThatChe and Miranda in the second season of And Just Like That

Before we get to the next part, it’s worth noting that this is based on an unconfirmed report in the Daily Mail, which cited an undisclosed “source close to the show.”

According to Mail “sources”, Sara will not be returning to And Just Like That, but it is not because they have been “blacklisted” due to their support for Palestine.

Instead, they claimed that Sara had been removed from season three because her character was “disturbing” to viewers and no longer had “value” to the storyline since their split from Miranda.

Miranda and Che split midway through the second season, although Sara’s character remained in the show throughout its run, including at Carrie’s “last supper” get-together at her apartment.

However, the “source” added: “The storyline as a struggling comedian is a waste of screen time and Sara knows it.”

Che started working at a vet's office after they separated from MirandaChe started working at a vet’s office after they separated from Miranda

It was also stated that actor Cynthia Nixon was also vocal in her support for Palestine.

Talk News Uk has contacted representatives of Sara Ramírez, US streaming service Max and And Just Like That executive producer Michael Patrick King for comment.

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