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Virgin Media Wifi Booster Complete Setup Tutorial 2020

Virgin Media Wifi Booster Complete Setup Tutorial 2020 [Latest]

The first thing that you have to make sure why do you need Virgin media wifi booster & what are its uses? If you need to extend the network of your wifi modem or to increase the network speed then you must buy wifi booster.

Actually it is an artificially intelligent device that connects to your pre-install wifi network. That helps your Internet connectivity to reach the place where your normal wifi network won’t reach.

Apart from this, you can also manage the wifi through the mobile device using this booster. You can search for the weak network connectivity area and test your wifi speed performance.

What is Virgin Media Wifi Booster

It is a smart intelligent wifi booster that maximize the connectivity of the data network. Basically, Wifi booster connects with already install electric wires in your home that manage all your smart device through Hub from any room.

We have two types of smart wifi device i.e; Wired & wireless.

Virgin Wired booster

These are used to extend your network for all your wired device using cables. The best example that suits for this is your Virgin Tv Box. Using wired connection helps to increase the speed and provide better connectivity with no traffic.

You can easily distinguish between wired and wireless booster from the icon present on the top of the device.

Virgin Wireless booster

Virgin wifi booster is developed using our best technologies which automatically find and resolve problem without your attention. It can handle all the troubleshooting steps and reboot automatically if it find any trouble in network connectivity.

We have integrated artificial intelligence with this smart device that handles all your work and manage the device accordingly.

How to order a virgin wifi booster

Placing an order is quite simple you have two option to purchase a virgin wifi booster. You can buy from the official website https://www.virginmedia.com/ or you can search on amazon for a better price.

Using Official website:

  • From your browser Type Virgin Wifi Booster.
  • Click on the First link appear in the search results or type https://www.virginmedia.com/.
  • It will redirect you to the official website.
  • There you have to click on Broadband section from the menu.
  • Next look for Intelligent WiFi option in learn about broadband section at the bottom.
  • Now it will redirect you to a new page where you can check and explore deals.
  • If you like the offers & comfortable to purchase it, click on Check it out button.

Through Amazon (Worlds best shopping site)

Purchasing items from amazon is as simple as compare to other sources. You only have to visit amazon website search for wifi booster & you will get thousands of options at a very good price range.

You can find best wifi booster from amazon by a single click on below button. It would be as simple as purchasing movie tickets online or ordering a food from restaurant so, just click on the below button and explore best deals at very good price.

Virgin Media Wifi Booster Kit

You want to know what you will get in the box when you order a wifi extender online. In the box, you will get two devices (one device is smaller than another), manuals & cables to connect your device with the broadband.

How Can I Watch Virgin in Another Room Without a Box Free

How to Install Virgin Wifi Booster

Basically there are two method through which you can setup virgin media wifi booster that is

  • Setup for the first booster
  • Adding additional booster
Virgin Media Wifi Booster

Setup for the first booster

In order to set up your first booster, you have to follow below instructions & I assume you already know your blackspot area in your home.

Step 1

From the two boosters in the box, you have to pick up a smaller one & attach directly to the main socket.
Once the light has flashed on, now using ethernet cable connects the device to virgin media hub.

Step 2

Next take a large booster from the box and place it where you need to extend the network & switch it on. Make sure you have connected the large booster with the main socket & leave it for around 10 – 15 minutes.

10 – 15 minutes are necessary to pair both the booster with one another & to update it system software. Sometimes it take longer than expected time then turn it off & switch it on again and wait again for 15 minutes.

Step 3

Once the system is up to date, click on the WPS button on lager booster. Then you will see power & wifi light will start blinking.

Do the same with your Virgin media hub until you see same blinking of light. From here booster will get all the information from the hub and after process is complete you will see blinking light is now off.

Last Step

Final step is just a confirmation that your setup process is complete and now you can move your wifi booster where ever you want in your home.

Adding additional booster

If you have already install a virgin wifi booster & now you want to know how you can add additional booster, then it is really very easy task. You only have to change some settings in your pre installation setup. I will guide you how you can add additional wifi booster, follow instructions below:

Step 1

Connect your new booster with the main socket in the same room and switch it on.
Now you will see two light one power light & another blinking light.
You will see a red light on the device once the device is configured properly.

Step 2

In your already install booster (previous booster), you will see a sync button on the side of the device. Hold the button for 3-5 seconds & then light will start flashing.
After this your previous install booster will start pairing with the new booster and once the process is complete the light will switch off.

Step 3

Now you can use your additional booster where ever you want. if you still need any help comment below.

Virgin Wifi Booster Not Working

If you having any problem with the network connectivity or your virgin booster is not working, follow below troubleshooting steps. This troubleshooting method will solve your problem and improve your performance.

Make sure your device is connected to the main socket not with extension board. Sometime people think that its device is not working but the actual problem is with extension board so connect directly to the main socket.

Step 1


Remove your booster from the main socket, turn it off and restart it after 2 minutes.

Step 2

Virgin Media Wifi Booster

If your problem is not resolve check your cable connection. Check all your cable wires connected to the device.

Step 3

Virgin Media Wifi Booster

Check all the buttons, make sure your wifi button is not turn off and all the button are working fine.

Step 4


Check all the lights of the booster, it no light is visible do reset your device and restart it.

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