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Virgin Media Network Security Key – Change | Update | Modify in 2 minutes

Want to update Virgin Media Network Security Key of your Router or Super Hub. You can simply update your Network Security Key by using the Connect app.

If you are looking to change your broadband password or update existing default password then you can also do this using Virgin media connect application.

Virgin media connect is an official app to manage all the Wi-Fi hotspots, internet connections, router settings and many more. The interface of the app is totally user friendly and gives you a better experience. The app list all the available network in your home from room to room.

What is a network security key

It is a password-protected key which is used to protect your broadband all your data from unauthorised access. Many people use your connection to hack your system or to do something fishy. So it helps to protect your data and your system from being assessed by the external world.

Virgin Media Network Security Key

You must be aware of the things that the Wi-Fi network is not limited to your walls. It is extend to over 3 meters or 300 feet around the broadband. So, in that case, your wireless router is not properly secure by the people around you. All your home and office will benefit from it.

Why we use Network Security Key?

Virgin Media Network Security Key

This is the most asking question regarding the security of the router. The people who have your Wi-Fi password can do the following:

  • View all information from your system and modify and delete your existing files.
  • Can track all your activities online and save your login ID and password.
  • They can spread viruses into your system and slow down your computer.

This is why your Virgin media network security key is essential and should be protected from the external world.

We have listed step by step methods to share with you how you can easily change the default details.

First of all, you have to find which device do you have like Super Hub 3 which is the latest from Virgin media or Hub 1, 2 or 2ac.
Because the process to change WIFI password is different for both devices.

Changing Default Wifi network Password

Changing Default Wifi network Password
  • Using Cable connect your system with the super Hub.
  • Type to access your settings page. It may differ in your case so check at the bottom of your router.
  • On the webpage click on Configure your WiFi connection option.
Configure your WiFi connection
  • Tap on Change option near your network password.
  • Type the new password and click on Apply button. Password must contain
    • At least 10 character
    • 1 Upper case letter.
    • Include 1 number.
    • 1 alpha numeric symbol.
  • Now all your device connected earlier will disconnect automatically.
  • Restart your system and connect using new password.

If you are facing problem connecting through cable, try to connect using Virgin media connect app.

Virgin Media Network Security Key Using Connect App

Security Key Using Connect App
  • Before changing the network security key, make sure you have installed the Virgin media connect app on your device.
  • If it is not installed in your device, then install from your App Store.
  • Connect your broadband or hub with your connect app.
  • Open your application and click on broadband at the bottom of your screen.
  • After this, you can see a hamburger sign or the three dots symbol on the top right side of your screen, click on it.
  • Now you have to choose Wi-Fi networks from the list.
  • Here you will find your home network name, click on it.
  • It will redirect you to the home wi-fi network page where you will find your network name, password and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Tab on password option.
  • Set a new password, the password should be super strong. (means you have to use symbols, numbers, one capital letter and at least 10 letters).
  • Click on done and then tab on the save button.

Now just wait for your settings to be saved. It will take approx 30 to 60 seconds to restart your services again.

Once the connection is established, then you have to connect each device like mobile, broadband, TV or any smart device with the new password.

Hope your problem is fix now and for more information comment below, We are happy to help you.

Virgin Media Network Security Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find virgin media network security key?

The security key is available at two positions. the one is at the back of your router next to the username which is a simpler way. Another is on the > configuration page > Login to your dashboard > Under Configure your WiFi connection> Password.

Can we change Network security key without connecting?

No, You can’t change your network password without connecting to your device. To change you have to connect through the cable or you can go with the WiFi option. To know more on how to connect through virgin media connect app. Click here

You can comment below for more information or contact us. we are always ready to help you.

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