There have been 3.8 million arrivals to the US since Biden was elected president, with visas announced for thousands more.

3.8 million people have entered the United States since the 46th President Joe Biden, who replaced Donald Trump in the White House, announced visas for thousands of illegal immigrants.

The Biden administration on Wednesday announced an expansion of humanitarian relief for Venezuelans already on US soil.

Due to its changes, hundreds of thousands of additional people can get work permits.

The Department of Homeland Security said: “As a result, approximately hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan citizens across the country will be immediately eligible to apply for work authorization.

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“TPS provides temporary protection from removal, as well as employment authorization for eligible Venezuelan citizens.”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul welcomed the announcement, saying: “I am grateful that the federal government has acted so swiftly to provide for one of our top priorities: Venezuelan asylum seekers and those already in this country. Providing temporary protected status to immigrants who have arrived.”

Hoeschel’s statement said: “There is still more work to do to respond to this crisis, but New York State is ready to immediately begin the process of signing people up for work authorization and getting them into jobs so they can Can become self-reliant.”

The decision comes after nearly four million people have entered the US since Biden’s inauguration, about half of whom entered the country illegally and were never caught.

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Data compiled by Syracuse University’s TRAC immigration database showed that a total of 2,345,600 people have been given notices to appear (NTA) in immigration court over the past three years.

NTAs are issued to people who arrive on US soil, turn themselves in to Border Patrol and claim asylum.

Over 1.23 million NTAs were issued in FY 2023 alone.

However, Customs and Border Protection also estimates that more than 1.5 million so-called “get-aways” crossed the border without being detected or caught.

Migrants travel by train in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, with the intention of reaching the United States
Migrants travel by train in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, with the intention of reaching the United Statesreuters
The figures come after former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani expressed his horror at Democrat immigration policies turning the Big Apple into a “third world city”.

Citing Biden’s hand in the migrant crisis, Giuliani argued: “He is failing the American people.

“New York is his strongest bastion of support, probably Los Angeles. He came here the other day, and I saw him driving on the streets.

“He walked right by my radio station. Not a single person appreciated him.”

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