Trump Finally Talks About Red Spots on His Hands

Donald Trump on Wednesday said he was unaware of the photographed red marks on his hands as he left Trump Tower last month, sparking theories on social media and late night TV.

Fox News’ Mark Meredith asked Trump: “How’s your hand? It seems like it’s better now.”

“My hand?” Trump replied.

“Yeah, what happened a few days ago?” asked Meredith, adding: “You didn’t see the photo? Get out of Trump Tower?”

Donald Trump was reluctant to explain why his hands were bleeding when he was recently photographed with red marks on his hands.

Is it because of the killing of Republicans?

— Cryptid Politics 🇮🇩🐊 (@CryptidPolitics) February 1, 2024

Trump and Meredith go back and forth.

Trump, who has been impeached four times, and is a loyal consumer of news about him (even if the news is mocking or negative), admitted that he did not know what the journalist was talking about.

Trump then raised both hands, said “nothing” was wrong and suggested: “Maybe it’s AI.”

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel noted how some people thought it was a “common symptom of syphilis” but thought it was more likely ketchup after Trump “probably stuck his hand in a container of curly fries or something.”

Donald Trump is pictured leaving Trump Tower on January 17 with a red mark on his hand.Donald Trump is pictured leaving Trump Tower on January 17 with a red mark on his hand.


The Republican front-runner in 2024 would “do well” if his rivals were portrayed as being in the same situation, Kimmel said. “He would talk about it for years. He would post in all caps about ‘Ron DeSyphilis’ Meatballs’ and ‘Nikki Herpes.’ But they haven’t brought it up.”

Meanwhile, The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon poked fun at Trump’s revolving door of lawyers, joking that it stemmed from Trump “drawing on the face of his new lawyer, Wilson the volleyball player.”

MSNBC’s Morning Joe team suggested a magic marker, Trump slamming the table or blood could be the cause. However, an unnamed source close to Trump’s 2024 campaign told TMZ that blood from the paper cut was to blame.

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