Travis Kelce Talks Taylor Swift Romance and ‘Outside Noise’

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift apparently know how to drown out the media circus around them.

Last week, The Kansas City Chiefs player discussed his significant relationship with the singer during the team’s press conference at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.

When asked how he was dealing with the increased attention from dating Taylor, Travis told reporters he was “bringing it on himself.”

“I enjoy having fun with everything, and the biggest thing is making sure my focus is here in this building,” he said.

Travis ignored the “outside noise” when asked how he deals with the challenges that come with dating a pop superstar. He added that he often hears critics link the Chiefs’ play to his relationship with Taylor.

But the NFL’s strict decision seemed to let the criticism slide.

He said he and Taylor focused on these words to overcome the frenzy around them: “As long as we’re happy.”

“The only thing we talked about was, as long as we’re happy, we can’t hear anything beyond the noise,” he said. “That’s what matters.”

Taylor Swift (left) and Travis Kelce were seen in October last year, in New York City.Taylor Swift (left) and Travis Kelce were seen in October last year, in New York City.

The Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills last week, but the win wasn’t the only thing that excited Travis.

Taylor met his older brother, Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Kelce, who partied shirtless in a luxury suite for most of the game.

The brothers recently discussed the anniversary on their New Heights podcast, reflecting on the singer’s first impressions of the Eagles star.

“Tay said he loves you so much,” Travis said to his brother in the episode.

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