Traitor Harry Reveals How Things Are Currently Between Him And Mollie

Traitor reached an explosive end last week, with Harry managing to attract the attention of his fellow players to scoop the huge prize pot for himself.

In the end, Harry and Mollie were the final two contestants in the running, with long-term Traitor Harry ultimately taking the prize over Faithful Mollie.

The two have developed a strong friendship during their time on the show, and it’s fair to say that Mollie was less than impressed when she found out Harry had been lying to her from the start.

Viewers last saw Mollie declare “oh my God” and walk out of the Round Table room with one final “fuck you!” – leaving fans of the show wondering if their friendship is irreparably damaged.

Well, we’re happy to report that’s not the case.

During an interview on Monday’s edition of This Morning, Harry told presenters Rylan Clark and Rochelle Humes: “When (the cameras stopped rolling), he was still worried about me. And he didn’t want me to feel like he hated me.

“As soon as it stopped, he wanted to meet me. I was a bit worried when I walked in, I thought he would be behind the door and put me out of my misery! But no, he just hugged me tight and said, ‘I love and hate you at the same time’.”

“This is the game, being a Traitor from the start and lying all the time,” Mollie also told him, and Harry added: “And I think that shows his personality. How amazing. Because I wouldn’t blame him if he still hated me now.”

This year's Traitor finalists in the final stage of the competitionThis year’s Traitor finalists in the final stage of the competition

BBC/Lamberty Studios/Paul Chappells

Earlier in the day, Mollie was also asked about her friendship with Harry during an interview on Lorraine.

“It’s a tough time there,” Mollie said. “You do form real, good bonds with people, and I think people forget how much time we spend together, because obviously you only see each other for an hour.

“So theirs was a real friendship, and it started to get difficult, especially towards the end.”

Asked about Harry, Mollie insisted: “We are fine. It’s a game, and I think people will forget that we signed up for the game, and there’s always the possibility that someone will lie to you. It’s a fact – there’s always a chance you’ll get close to that person.

“You have to remember that friendship is real, you can’t lose it because of a game.”

Sharing her version of what happened after the cameras stopped rolling, Mollie revealed: “I got the moment I needed. We all saw me walk out.

“I actually managed to talk to my parents and my girlfriend, and they helped me regain my composure, and they said, ‘you’re fine, we’re very proud of you’.

“And then I saw Harry, I think I called him naughty again, and then we hugged. And I’m back to normal.”

The Traitors' final five games with host Claudia WinklemanThe Traitors’ final five games with host Claudia Winkleman

BBC/Lambert Studios/Paul Chappells

Meanwhile, Harry also used the opportunity to rubbish all speculation about a potential romance between him and Mollie.

“I’ve got an amazing boyfriend who I love so much, he’s got the most amazing girlfriend I’ve ever met, he’s a legend,” he told This Morning. “We were just two young people building a genuine relationship.”

Although The Traitors is now officially over for another year, a third season has been confirmed to be in the works, and casting has now opened.

The BBC will also air international seasons of The Traitors throughout 2024 – while rumors have also begun to emerge about a possible celebrity version of the hit show in the UK.

Watch Harry and Mollie’s ITV daytime interview in full below:

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