The Funniest Tweets From Women This Week (January 13-19)

The ladies of Twitter always brighten our day with their brilliant and concise wit. Even though the platform has been renamed X, their humor lives on.

Every week, Talk News Women rounds up their hilarious musings. Scroll through this week’s great tweets from women, then visit our “Funniest Tweets From Women” page to see previous roundups.

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In a bad mood and seeing my girlfriend completing tasks very slowly. what could go wrong

— Helena (@freshhel) January 14, 2024

all the football players are like give me the coconut it’s mine! and tennis players all love these lemons, I really hate them

— kim (@KimmyMonte) January 14, 2024

It’s amazing how much I accomplish at home under the threat of someone coming

— Heleanor Rigby (@Mom_Overboard) January 18, 2024

Black people will make fun of you for anything, I wore a raincoat to dinner 4 months ago & to this day I’m still called a gadget inspector 😒

— v ★ (@venuvelli) January 14, 2024

trying to take photos of clothes, but someone had other plans..

— bella (@earlygirl__) January 14, 2024

being a glasses wearer is truly embarrassing. Why do my lenses fog up when I open the oven like I’m a cartoon character

— stoned cold fox (@roastmalone_) January 17, 2024

My mom loves to be like “that is NOT a newborn” when we watch shows

— michaela okland (@MichaelaOkla) January 18, 2024

me and my roommate have started sending each other messages like democratic fundraising messages

— Paige Moskowitz (@paigemoskowitz) January 18, 2024

taking a selfie at 17 years old: i look cute old

— chase (@_chase_____) January 17, 2024

The mysterious 4th thing when I don’t call, text or FaceTime you, but I think about you a lot.

— Savia (artist)👩🏽🎨🎨 (@saviaivas) January 18, 2024

may I come and make stomach noises

— alisa (@squirtstain) January 14, 2024

toddlers are very non-serious, like why your stomach is so big

— vxz 🍂 (@vxsjmz) January 14, 2024

“therapy isn’t working for me” well, I hate to break it to you, but mental illness isn’t working for you either

— trash jones (@jzux) January 13, 2024

You just don’t see people holding the end of a pencil and shaking it to make it look bent like they used to

— buttball (@imniceandsmart) January 14, 2024

My favorite part of It’s Complex is when Meryl Streep says, "I finally got a real kitchen" even though this is his kitchen at the moment.

— Sophie Vershbow (@svershbow) January 15, 2024

can’t wait to get married and doesn’t invite people who think they will

— gen🥂 (@genmxn) January 15, 2024

I like good angles. Not too crazy about gaps

— (@jewbyboobie) January 14, 2024

"Incorrect username or password"BITCH, WHICH!!!!!!

— Jenni (@hashjenni) January 18, 2024

"Situation?" "Soft launch?" "Love bomb?" Do you date or work for Lockheed Martin?

— Rohita Kadambi (@RohitaKadambi) January 14, 2024

I got a glass of wine at dinner and started seeing my friends like this

— Tina Sieben (@wnbawife) January 18, 2024

When I was in college, our house was robbed. My roommate brought the police to my room and they said wow they destroyed this room and he said no that’s how he lives. I sometimes think about that.

— @itssherifield (@itssherifield) January 17, 2024

Waiting for everyone to stop talking so you can announce you’re going home

— Dr Sean Travers (@seanjetravers) January 17, 2024

if your surname already exists "devil" it’s up to you not to name the baby Cruella

— broti gupta (@BrotiGupta) January 14, 2024

So someone on Tumblr recommended finding out how Alan Alda met his wife and yeah

— Chappell Ellison (@ChappellTracker) January 16, 2024

Many years ago, a nice guy asked me out on a date. We had fun. When he pulled up in front of my house, he leaned over, his tongue sticking out, and tried to kiss me. I withdrew. He said: “I know it. You are afraid of BIG E.” I asked, “What is BIG E?”🤔 He answered: “INTIMATION.” 😭😂🙃😅

— Zondra Hughes-Ali (@ZondraHughes) January 14, 2024

I am a reader, of course I will read books at the most inconvenient times rather than in my free time

— mau (@villainsaints) January 18, 2024

my mom: so are you planning on giving me grandchildren any time soon? me:

— Riley 🐍🖤 (@RiledUpForSwift) January 14, 2024

sorry boss I can’t come to work today I feel very insecure

— clare (@sadderlizards) January 17, 2024Related…65a15c3d240000200027f2f3The Funniest Tweets From Women This Week659c70622200001e00fafd23The Funniest Wedding Tweets To Get You Through The Week659827902400001e0027ee26The Funniest Tweets From Women This Week

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