The Apprentice Announces 18 New Candidates for 2024 Series

Feeling a little sad about the fact that the current series of The Traitors is drawing to a close? Yes, we have news to keep reality TV fans happy.

Not only are we just days away from the new series of The Apprentice, which launches on Thursday 1 February, the show has also revealed the candidates for this year’s broadcast.

And we’re happy to report that the group remains eclectic – and their introductory tagline is also very catchy.

Get to know the new group of candidates below…

Aminah Khan

Intern candidate Amina KhanIntern candidate Amina Khan

Current Job: Pharmacist and business owner

He said: “When I was 13, I remember sitting at school one day and making a pact to myself that I would do whatever it took to become a millionaire. Growing up in a poor family background with two immigrant parents trying to make ends meet, I have continued to work hard since then to reach my current position.”

Dr Asif Munaf

Internship Candidate Dr Asif MunafInternship Candidate Dr Asif Munaf

Current Job: Health brand owner

He said: “I have a very high IQ. I have a very high bench press. And what’s more, my eyesight is quite good.”

Flo Edwards

Apprentice Candidate Flo EdwardsApprentice Candidate Flo Edwards

From: Recruitment consultant

He said: “My warning to other candidates? Don’t underestimate me. I’m here to win.”

Foluso Falade

Foluso Falade, Apprentice candidateFoluso Falade, Apprentice candidate

Current Job: Project manager

He said: “With my people-focused attitude, I plan to build an empire in an ethical way, while raising inspiring people.”

Jack Davies

Jack Davies in his Apprentice promo photoJack Davies in his Apprentice promo photo

Current Job: Director of Recruiting

He said: “Failure is not an option.”

Maura Rath

Maura Rath is one of Alan Sugar's new Apprentice candidatesMaura Rath is one of Alan Sugar’s new Apprentice candidates

Current Job: Yoga company owner

He said: “I am worthy of Lord Sugar’s investment because my business promotes positivity and wellbeing, in a profitable and measurable way, with five income streams.”

Noor Bouziane

Prospective apprentice, Noor BouzianeProspective apprentice, Noor Bouziane

Current Job: Owner of a jewelry company

He said: “I have competitiveness in my blood. I will do whatever it takes to win this process.”

Oliver Medworth

Oliver Medworth is one of Alan Sugar's newcomersOliver Medworth is one of Alan Sugar’s newcomers

Current Job: Sales executive

He said: “I am a sales machine. I work in a market selling gin and tonics and not many customers leave without buying.”

Onyeka Nweze

Internship Candidate Onyeka NwezeInternship Candidate Onyeka Nweze

Current Job: Company secretary

He said: “If Lord Sugar is ready to make a lot of money, then he needs me… my business will make 10 million in the first five years.”

Paul Bowen

Apprentice Candidate, Paul BowenApprentice Candidate, Paul Bowen

Current Job: Director of Pie company

He said: “I have great ideas and great business acumen, as well as a hard-working attitude. My organization and planning are my weaknesses. But with Lord Sugar’s strategy and my passion and ideas, I can make him Lord of the Pies.”

Dr. Paul Midha

Dr Paul Midha expects investment from Alan SugarDr Paul Midha expects investment from Alan Sugar

Current Job: Dental group owner

He said: “Presenting a product-based business plan to Lord Sugar, I aim to revolutionize the health wear market.”

Phil Turner

Phil Turner, Apprentice candidatePhil Turner, Apprentice candidate

Current Job: Owner of Pie company

He said: “I live by the motto ‘we win or we learn’. There is no failure I have encountered in business or life that is not necessary for growth. Failure is necessary for success.”

Rachel Woolford

Fitness fan Rachel is hoping for Alan Sugar's investmentFitness fan Rachel is hoping for Alan Sugar’s investment

Current Job: Boutique fitness studio owner

She said: “For a long time, I did everything in my business – teaching classes, payroll, cleaning, accounting – you name it, I did it. Once I learned that it was OK to delegate and outsource some of this work, I started to scale my business. I finally understand the phrase “work on your business, not in it”.

Raj Chohan

Raj Chohan Apprentice CandidateRaj Chohan Apprentice Candidate

Current Job: Mortgage broker

She said: “I want to be the UK’s leading woman in the world of finance who bridges (and) becomes a multi-millionaire by the age of 50!”

Sam Saadet

Sam Saadet from The ApprenticeSam Saadet from The Apprentice

Current Job: Prenatal and postnatal fitness trainerc

She said: “I am one of the smartest and most enterprising women I know! This business focuses on something I really love and also makes money – it’s a win-win.”

Dark Steve

The Apprentice's hopeful Steve DarkenThe Apprentice’s hopeful Steve Darken

Current Job: Management consultant

He said: “Don’t judge me by my suit and tie – I’m not just corporate!”

Tre Lowe

Tre Lowe is one of Alan Sugar's candidatesTre Lowe is one of Alan Sugar’s candidates

Current Job: Music and health entrepreneur

He said: “People think I’m a cool guy. But underneath it all, I’m a super-geek. I was always interested in how things worked.”

Virdi Singh Mazaria

Music producer Virdi Singh Mazaria is a candidate for the new series of The ApprenticeMusic producer Virdi Singh Mazaria is a candidate for the new series of The Apprentice

Current Job: Music producer

He said: “DJ. Host. MC. The other candidates are just additions on my journey to the top.”

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