Talktalk Youview Box Complete Setup | Reset | Problems | Solved

Talktalk youview box is a modern type of setup box which you can use with Talktalk or BT Telecoms company. Youview box is a combination of setup box along with the broadband connection.

The best thing I like about Youview box is we can save, pause or even record our favourite series and watch later. This is how I watch last football match while I was busy with some stuff at office.

You will get Pause & rewind option with all type of Talktalk Tv but if you want to record some you have to choose Youview plus box. Only You view plus box has a feature to record & store a series upto 336Gb in a one time. You want to know more about Talktalk youview box see below.

What is Talktalk Youview or Youview Plus box?

It is special device that keeps you entertaining from your busy schedule & can be purchase from official website of BT or Talktalk. You can buy it as a single unit or if you already have a Tv then it can be add as a package from the operator.

After that, you have an access to even more channels. You know why the success rate of youview plus is higher than normal box because of it’s user friendly interface. Even a small kid can use it without seeing into manual.

If you like what you just watched and want to see more, you can browse to programs by category, genre, or pick the large button “more shows.”

You also get a feature to optimise Talktalk Tv channels with your smartphone using some of the additional apps. Want to know how you can add some additional apps in your Tv, dive towards the “How to download apps on youview box TalkTalk” section.

troubleshooting steps

How do I Order Talk Talk Youview Plus Box

The most popular online stores in the United Kingdom such as John Lewis, Currys or Argos will have YouView package on their own. Although It is quite cheap if you want to buy from them. Click here to check the latest price.

Apart from the online store, you can contact BT or Talktalk if you like even more channels and apps.

To order a box from the service provider you have to directly call the Talktalk Customer service number or connect to Talk Talk Live Chat.

If you are already in contract with the service provider all you need is setup box, cable (aerial, HDMI, ethernet) & broadband.

Talktalk Youview Box Complete Setup

Talktalk Youview plus Box

Before get into the details you have to make sure you have all the things mentioned below.

  • First of all, box itself.
  • Remote controller
  • Cable (HDMI, Ethernet, Aerial)
  1. Now, Connect Aerial cable at the back of box with the wall so that we can get antenna.
  2. Next, you have to find the HDMI port in the box & connect it with the Television HDMI port.
  3. Last cable, Ethernet cable will going to insert into the internet port (LAN port).
  4. Finally, bring out adapter, attach it with the power lead & plug into the socket.

Now switch on your box using buttons at the back and you are ready to watch your favourite series.

List of all Channels

Tv is evolving. We don’t sit back and watch live shows any more, but then plan to catch up and download on-demand platforms such as Netflix.

This shows how we have change yourself according to the time. Today we decide when we want to watch series due to recording feature.

A normal setup box comes with 70 digital channels list, that includes:

  • News
  • Sports
  • Radio
  • Music
  • BBC
  • ITC
  • Entertainment

You also have an option to add more channels like

  • Disney
  • Nat Geo
  • BT,Talktalk Tv etc

Which is absolutely free with the package. if your favourite channel is not listed above then you have to add broadband connection.

Talktalk youview box problems

Below we have picked up the most occurring problem in talktalk youview box according to the user feedback. If you want a solution to another problem comment below or reach to us. All the solution provided below is already tested by our team and 100% working.

Talktalk Internet Down

1. How Do I Reset my Talktalk youview box

If your Talktalk Youview box is not working properly & you want to reset it. First make sure you know the model & serial number.

  • For that, you have to Menu button from your remote.
  • Go to the Settings option.
  • Select Device Information (Check model number, Serial number, variant etc).
  • After that, click on the reset option.

This will reset your setup box & if it is still not solving your problem do comment below.

2. Not connecting to the internet

Most of the users having problem while connecting box to the internet. Make sure you have a working connection and wire should be in good condition.

  • First of all, check your micro-filter.
  • Try to connect other device with the ethernet cable.
  • Still not working Try to change your Ethernet cable.

Find out best Ethernet cable at a very affordable price. Check Price

3. Not recording

Before recording make sure you have enough storage capacity. Because Recording is only not done if there is no storage or if you have not done in correct way. To make sure you have done the recording in right way. Follow our 3 steps to record a video:

  • On your remote hit the guide button.
  • Select the program or series you want to record and press button ‘R’ from your remote.
  • Now select whether you want to record complete series or a particular episode.


Here I am sharing the specification of the latest Talktalk Youview plus box 2020 edition. which is manufactured by Huawei.

  • Can record HD video.
  • No subscription needed to access Freeview channels.
  • 15-day on-screen guide available.
  • Having a capacity of 320Gb.
  • record & store multiple channels at the same time.
  • Provides parental control access.
  • Available in multiple resolutions like 1080p, 1080i, 720 etc.
Talktalk Youview Box
TalkTalk TV Plus box Specification
Talktalk Youview Box
TalkTalk TV box Specification

For more, Checkout customer satisfaction & some of the latest talktalk youview box with additional feature.

How to download apps on youview box talktalk?

Actually it is not possible to add additional apps in your setup box. All the apps currently present in the box are fixed and set by the company. There may be some variations between service providers but you won’t able to add some third-party apps. For more, you can contact customer support.

How much broadband speed do I need to watch?

The minimum broadband speed you will required to watch a channel is 3mb/sec, but it is for just a normal channel. For HD programmes you require even higher speed.

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