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Need to Divert Talktalk call temporary or permanent to another number. Here I have shared Talktalk Call divert Activation or deactivation methods from your landline to any number.

Call Divert or forwarding is really necessary while your landline is not working or down for 3-4 days. You can set the forwarding to your mobile number so that anyone calling on landline will connect you through the phone.

It is very hard to manage all your stuff if your landline is an official contact number for your business. Just imagine you have a sales business and your Talktalk Internet is down for a day at that time missed call or the call that not answered, rarely help you in your business reputation.

How Talk Talk Call Divert Works

Diversion means to change the action from the source. It helps you to forward calls to other landline number or phone number. That’s the reason you will never miss an important call.

When there is no divert then the communication occurs as two way where one is sender and other is the receiver. There is no intermediate between the first person and the second person.

How Talk Talk Call Divert Works

When you activate the service, then your landline will act as an intermediate between you and the person. Meaning, The person calls your landline number and number is forwarded to you.

Here it is a three way communication occurs and that’s the reason company charge for the service.

How Talk Talk Call Divert Works

Easy way to Set Talktalk Call divert

Before activating Talktalk Call Divert, make up your mind that company will charge you for every call lands on your landline.

The charges are totally depends upon the time you spend during the calls. You can also add this service within your plans or the boost so it will not charge you extra.

Steps to activate call divert:

  • You have to first visit the Official website. Click here
  • Enter your Username and Password.
  • Then Log in to My Account.
  • Click on my service, at the top of your screen.
  • Choose Manage phone Boosts under my service option.
  • There you have to select Call Divert option and enable the calling features.
  • Click on the Update button.

Activate Talktalk Call divert through landline

Apart from forwarding all your landline call to your mobile number. You can also choose the scenario when forwarding will take place like:

  • When no one answer the call.
  • When you have moved to new number.
  • Your line is engaged.

In case you have changed your business contact number and still want an old number, at that time you can set forwarding to a new number.

  • Dial *21*Landline Number#.

whenever you are busy in your meeting and not able to pick a call, you can set an unanswered call forwarding.

  • Dial *61*Your Number#.

The last option is to set call forwarding when your line is engaged.

  • Dial *67*Number#
Call forwarding to mobile

Cancel Call Divert through Landline

All the forwarding activate through landline are temporary basis means, you can cancel the divert or forwarding at any time.

To cancel all call forwarding Dial #21#. It will switch off all your call divert.

Cancel unanswered forwarding within few seconds, Dail #61#.

To cancel engaged call forwarding Dail #67#.

You can also activate this service by contacting Talktalk customer Service through Talk talk Live chat option.

Does company charge for Call Forwarding

Yes, Company charge for every call you receive through forwarding. If you are on Fast fibre broadband plan, then there is no extra fee.

Fast broadband users will get free Talktalk Call divert features, that will not charge anything to the caller and the user.

The call will charge you with normal tariff if you don’t have a boost in your plan or you are using normal broadband plans.

How to get free divert to your mobile

There are only two ways through which you will get a free divert.

  • If you add a boost in your plan.
  • Another way is to upgrade your plan to Fast broadband.

How to check Talktalk Call Divert Status?

Make sure to check, before cancelling any service. In order to check the activated service on your number. You can check under my account section.

There you will find all the activate services and if you want to check from landline.

  • First you have to dial *#.
  • Enter the code number of the services that is active.
  • Dial # to confirm it.

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Divert Call Talktalk Questions Asked

How do I divert all calls on TalkTalk?

To activate this service you have to dial *21* and followed by the number you want to divert to and press #. It will forward all your call to the number you mentioned.

How do I turn off call divert?

Switch on and off through landline is really easy you have to dial *67* New Number# to activate your service. If you want to switch off your service you have to dial #67#.

How do I divert calls for free?

Yes, all the call you receive on your mobile number is chargeable. As you are receiving a call from a person and you have forwarded to yourself.

Means, when you receive a call on a landline is free but on diverting your landline making an outgoing call to yourself. Thus, it is chargeable.

How much time it will need to activate call divert?

Once you have done all the steps, it hardly takes a few seconds to switch on your service. You can also check the status at Check divert status.

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