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Talktalk Call Charges in your Region | Boost and Call Rates in 2020

I will show you how you can check Talktalk Call Charges and I am going to share some of the call charges rates and TalkTalk call charges boost 2020.

By using below trick you can even make free call charges absolutely free. This trick is most effective for the users that use the Android Platform.

If you are an Ios user and you use iPhone then you have to open Appstore in your device.

Talktalk call charges

Talktalk call charges

In order to talk to your loved ones outside the country, you need Talktalk call charges.

I can make this happened for that you have to just follow some of the basic steps and after that, you are able to make a Talktalk call charges.

  • Firstly you have to open Playstore or Appstore in your Device.
  • And after that, you have to look for Primo.
  • Install Primo App in your device and then open it.
  • On startup, it will show some of the guides.
  • The guide is all about how you can make free Talktalk call charges.
  • You can also invite Your friends and family members for extra free minutes.

As per my opinion, this is a very useful app if you want to do free call charges for both iPhone or Android Users. You can also buy some credits if you want to make a lot of call charges.

Once you have set it up you have to look for the right corner. there you will be able to see a call icon.

Then you have to type any number you want to make the call to. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay anything to make a call to any other country.

You only need an international internet connection to make a call. Another thing is that it will not shows your actual number to the receiver.

I really enjoyed making cal through this app. If you want to download this app link is at the bottom.

TalkTalk call charges rates

Below are some of the list of Talktalk call charges rates that you can check while making Talktalk call charges to other countries.

Call rates are categorized on the basis of packages, Landline and the mobiles. Call rates may vary continent to continent or country to country.

If you want to download it in pdf format you can also download it from the download link.

Call Charges Package Overview

Packages overview
(cost per minute) Landline/ mobile Country
3.49c/min peak Calls to landlines in UK.
1.1c/min off-peak Calls UK
5c/min Calls to landlines in USA & Canada.
8c/min Calls to landlines in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canary Islands, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain (incl. Balearic Islands & Canary Islands), Sweden & Switzerland.


International countries Landline (cost per minute) Mobile (cost per minute)
Austria 0.08 0.32
Belgium 0.08 0.32
Bulgaria 0.62 0.7
Croatia 0.62 0.7
Cyprus 0.62 0.7
Czech Republic 0.3 0.37
Denmark 0.08 0.32
Estonia 0.62 0.7
Finland 0.08 0.35
France 0.08 0.32
Germany 0.08 0.32
Gibraltar 0.62 0.7
Greece 0.3 0.37
Hungary 0.3 0..37
Iceland 0.3 0.34
Israel 0.62 0.7
Italy 0.08 0.32
Latvia 0.62 0.7
Liechtenstein 0.3 0.37
Lithuania 0.62 0.7
Luxembourg 0.19 0.37
Malta 0.62 0.7
Monaco 0.19 0.37
Netherlands 0.08 0.32
Norway 0.08 0.35
Poland 0.3 0.37
Portugal 0.3 0.37
Romania 0.62 0.7
Russia 0.62 0.7
Slovakia 0.62 0.7
Slovenia 0.62 0.7
Spain (inc the Balearic Islands) 0.08 0.32
Sweden 0.08 0.35
Switzerland 0.08 0.35
Turkey 0.62 0.7

North America, Central and South America

International countries Landline (cost per minute) Mobile (cost per minute)
USA 0.05 0.05
Canada 0.05 0.05
Argentina 0.86 0.86
Brazil 1.72 1.93
Chile 1.72 1.93
Mexico 0.48 0.54
Venezuela 1.72 1.93


International countries Landline (cost per minute) Mobile (cost per minute)
Australia 0.08 0.32
New Zealand 0.08 0.35


International countries Landline (cost per minute) Mobile (cost per minute)
China 0.86 0.96
Hong Kong 0.08 0.35
Japan 0.34 0.38
Malaysia 0.34 0.34
Singapore 0.34 0.38
Korea – South 0.95 1.07
Korea – North 1.72 1.72
Taiwan 0.95 1.07
Bangladesh 1.72 1.93
India 1.72 1.93
Indonesia 1.72 1.93
Iran 1.72 1.93
Pakistan 1.72 1.93
Philippines 0.95 1.07
Saudi Arabia 0.86 0.96
Sri Lanka 1.72 1.93
Thailand 0.95 1.07
United Arab Emirates 0.86 0.96


International countries Landline (cost per minute) Mobile (cost per minute)
Cameroon 1.72 1.72
Egypt 0.62 0.62
Ghana 1.72 1.93
Kenya 1.72 1.93
Morocco 0.62 0.7
Nigeria 1.72 1.93
Senegal 1.72 1.93
South Africa 0.86 0.96
Zambia 1.72 1.93
Zimbabwe 1.72 1.93

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