Two Years On From Russia’s Invasion, Is Ukraine Now Losing The War?


It is now two years since Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops into Ukraine. Is there a chance Moscow might be on the path to victory? This is not an easy question to answer, and the outcome of the war is far from certain. There are several different factors which need to be considered before making … Read more

Congress to Ukraine: Help is on the Way. Don’t Ask When.


With more US aid stalled in the Republican-controlled House, concerns that Ukraine will be left out to dry are growing as its war with Russia approaches its second anniversary. And House lawmakers did little to assuage those fears when they left Washington early Thursday for a scheduled week-and-a-half break without taking action on a bipartisan … Read more

Alexei Navalny: Why Is His Death So Important For Russia – And Putin?


Russia’s prison service reported on Friday that prominent critic of Vladimir Putin, Alexei Navalny, had died. Navalny, imprisoned by Russia since January 2021, was moved to a penal colony, known as “Polar Wolf”, near the Arctic Circle in December last year. He died after collapsing while walking and medics were unable to save him, according … Read more

19 Confusing Moments From Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview


Vladimir Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson surfaced on social media last night – and it was a real ride from start to finish. The Russian president chose to speak to the far-right commentator in his first interview with a Western journalist since invading Ukraine because he differed from “traditional Anglo-Saxon media.” Carlson, since being fired … Read more

Russian Plane Crash: What We Know So Far


A plane crashed in Russia’s Belgorod region, near the Ukrainian border, on Wednesday. These are the main and irrefutable facts about the crash that made headlines around the world on Wednesday. The incident caused significant controversy as Moscow claimed that there were Ukrainian prisoners of war on board – and accused Kyiv of shooting down … Read more