‘My Son’s Autism Diagnosis Was Really Sobering – I Had Seen the Signs’


When Noosheen Khan, 32, found out her three-year-old son had autism, she wasn’t surprised. In fact, he said “it was really peaceful” and he quickly came to terms with the situation. As a former teaching assistant who often worked with autistic children, Noosheen has the knowledge to face and accept. He knows what autism means. … Read more

A TikToker Sparks Outrage By Questioning Working Parents’ ‘Priorities’


The birth rate in the United States as a whole has shown a decline over the past several decades. People are choosing to have fewer children, having children later in life, and more and more are deciding to remain childfree. There are many factors contributing to this trend, including access to reproductive health services (which … Read more

Is the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Stroller a Smart Buy?


If you’ve ever tried to take a baby or toddler on a trip abroad – or even just on public transport – you’ll know that many pushchairs are not suitable for traveling around. This becomes even more apparent when you’re doing something alone and trying to carry your baby, his usual gear, and his pushchair … Read more