Michigan Primary: ‘No Commitment’ Vote Is A Warning For Biden


Nearly 14% of Michiganders voted “not committed” in the state’s Democratic primary on Tuesday, for 40% of the vote. The sizable protest vote is a sign of serious frustration with President Joe Biden over White House policy on Gaza, and a potential warning for the November election in a state he only narrowly won in … Read more

Israeli War Cabinet Member Threatens Ramadan Deadline for Rafah


A member of Israel’s war cabinet has threatened to attack the southern city of Rafah if the remaining Israeli hostages are not freed by the upcoming holy month of Ramadan. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed calls to halt military attacks on Gaza, vowing to “finish the task” on Monday. The Israeli government has … Read more

Biden Administration Is Investigating Possible Israeli War Crimes — Despite Public Claims to the Contrary


A month ago, White House spokesman John Kirby said Washington was so confident in the US-backed Israeli attack on Gaza that the US did not need to investigate its actions. “I’m not aware of any formal assessment conducted by the United States government to analyze our partner Israel’s compliance with international law,” Kirby told reporters … Read more

Hind Rajab, 6-Year-Old Gaza Boy Who Talked About His Fears Over the Phone to Rescue Team, Found Dead


Hind Rajab, a 6-year-old child in Gaza who pleaded by telephone to be rescued from a crushed car in which he was surrounded by his dead relatives, was found dead with them nearly two weeks later, according to his family and Palestinians. Red Crescent Society. Hind’s body was found in the Tel al-Hawa section of … Read more

Over 700 Allied Officials Call for Changes in Gaza Policy


A group of nearly 700 government officials in the US, UK and major European countries – as well as European Union institutions – have signed a letter urging Western countries to reconsider their policy of giving total support to Israel’s devastating offensive on Gaza. The letter, released on Friday, urges the governments of those countries … Read more