So THAT’S Why You Poop At The Same Time Every Day

If you find yourself running to the toilet at the same time every day, we have good news for you.

According to Dr Karan Rajan, who was recently invited by Talk News Uk to chat about gut health, poop and sexual health (all on a daily basis), this is a good sign that your body is in a healthy routine.

“So just like our sleep routine, our intestines also develop rapidly,” explained Dr Rajan.

“There is a flow of hormones that are released into your body at certain times, according to our certain habits. So let’s say you wake up every day and go to the bathroom to poop at seven in the morning.

“Your body becomes accustomed to releasing certain hormones that can stimulate your digestive system and trigger your digestive system to work, and start the process of defecating at seven in the morning.”

As Talk News previously reported, when you defecate depends on your eating schedule, what you eat and drink, and whether you exercise or not. If you eat three meals a day at about the same time every day, the remaining food also tends to leave your body at the same time.

“It’s all related to circadian rhythms, clocks and hormones,” adds Dr Rajan.

“It’s like an orchestra. When the cellist plays a certain note, it may be a signal for the violinist to then start playing – and that is all routine.

“And if one thing is out of sync or out of bounds, it can throw the entire orchestra off kilter. Our body is an orchestra. This is a symphony and every organ and every part of the body has its own role and we as maestros are the conductors of all this. We have a role to play to make sure everything is aligned.”

So how do we keep things in sync and the orchestra of our bodies playing in tune? An easy start is these four things:

Have consistent meal times and rest periods Eat fiber-rich foods Drink lots of water Make sure you get enough exercise.

So THAT'S Why You Poop At The Same Time Every Day
So THAT’S Why You Poop At The Same Time Every Day

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