If you spent the evening mesmerized by ITV’s first series of Love Island All Stars, you’ll no doubt be drooling over the contestants’ wardrobes.

But before you open your favorite online store, let us tell you – you will be wasting your time.

Why? Because everything you see the islanders wearing is actually secondhand, on eBay no less.

Yup – we can start saying goodbye to fast fashion on television because eBay is on a mission to keep second-hand goods at the forefront.

Talk News Uk caught up with Jemma Tadd, Head of Fashion, eBay UK and Amy Bannerman, eBay’s Pre-Loved Style Director to find out more about the villa wardrobe and more importantly, how we can make it our own…

Building a wardrobe for Love Island

So how exactly are the items for the islanders selected? Before any of the islanders enter the villa, the stylist chats with them first to get a sense of their style, explains Amy.

“We have a large shared wardrobe stored in a large room outside the villa and we have a stylist who then brings items into the villa every three days or so,” Amy shares.

“And as we get to know the Islanders’ style, we’ll choose things that suit them better.”

However, no clothing is allocated to just one island resident, as the wardrobe in the villa is completely shared by all of them.

“What was surprising was how much camaraderie there was – yes, they would all be rushing to get each other’s clothes, but everyone was suggesting outfits for each other,” adds Amy.

Amy Bannerman in that latex Versace dressAmy Bannerman in that latex Versace dress

Seeing double

If you think you’re sure you’ve seen certain outfits on screen before while watching it, you’re absolutely right.

According to Amy, after an item is worn, it is taken out and cleaned before being put back into the villa’s wardrobe, so it is often seen that islanders are wearing items that other people have worn in episodes a few days earlier.

And some clothing items aren’t even exclusive to the series.

Jemma explained: “I think we’ve done a really good job with Amy in terms of what you would have seen worn on Love Island three seasons ago.”

“One of the main things I wanted to do was encourage wearing and sharing – some of the equipment has been used in the villa since the first season eBay did it, and has been used every season by different people,” adds Amy.

The reason for all the reuse? To encourage those of us watching to think about how to make the most of our wardrobes.

“We hope to help eliminate the attitude of ‘oh, I have to buy something new because I wore that last time I went out,’” explains Amy.

“We want people to think ‘I’ll wear it again but I’ll wear it differently, I’ll style it in a different way’, which is something we encourage by seeing different people wearing the same clothes. It shows how different it looks.”

Love Island wardrobe archivesLove Island wardrobe archives

Nailing eBay shopping the Love Island way

“When this partnership came up with Love Island, we decided to do it and I think the reason why we did it is because we took a big risk, and we did what people didn’t expect from us – I mean dressing up Like Islanders on eBay? “It’s not what anyone expected,” Jemma said.

Consider us well and truly repentant. But how do we scour eBay to find gems like the ones Amy and her team have on Love Island?

Luckily, as Jemma explains, eBay now offers a curated edit of items so we can shop similar looks ourselves (no seriously, this Love Island edit is UNREAL).

“EBay is like a treasure chest, it’s a bonus to have such a wide inventory, but at the same time people sometimes can’t find the items. As a team we are aware of this and how it translates on the site is by making edits and signage in terms of where you can shop Love Island dresses, for example.”

How to reapply like a pro

Don’t want to add more to your wardrobe but instead reimagine your iconic wardrobe items Love Island style? Don’t worry, Amy has a list of tips for you.

Combining different fabrics – I recently wore a mid-length Issey Miyake summer dress under my Collagerie skirt, which looks like the Issey top I’ve always wanted and also keeps my legs a little warmer. Go for thermal base layers and fabrics like pointelle, which is making a comeback and also offers some interesting details. Layer – For winter outerwear, try layering a few jackets, a thick sweater with a fitted denim jacket and an oversized raincoat are great options. the layering combination is timeless and means you’ll get more use out of a lighter summer jacket. Update with footwear – Trainers can instantly update any piece of clothing and will work all year round so it’s a great investment in terms of cost per wear and versatility. With eBay UK’s Authenticity Guarantee offering, you can ensure that you have an added layer of confidence when purchasing your new favorite pair. Try a new color – If something is a bit old or tired, dye it. Look for companies that use natural dyes made from seasonal plants to change colors without using chemicals. Make something old, something new – If your clothes have holes in your clothes from moths or a lot of wear and tear, use a repair company to cover them up using embroidery made especially for you, perhaps flowers or your initials. Your item will not only be repaired, but it will also be more special than ever!

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