Sky Broadband Shield – How To Turn Off Router Settings

Today’s Topic is sky broadband shield which is a UK-based company. Who deals in Tv packages, phone packages and also started to provide broadband facilities. I am already a Sky customer and I am using its broadband, Tv and phone facility. My main motive to write this post is to share some of the problems that I have faced and How I have resolved it.

Its been the past like month I haven’t been getting any speed. What they said it really funny that you must have a big house. That’s the reason you are not getting speed accurately but trust me I live in a small house.

It’s not like I Live in a huge house so that one room goona get the high speed and not the other rooms. My room is just below the downstair and that is the reason I am getting like a decent speed now.

What is the Sky broadband shield?

Sky Broadband Shield

Sky Broadband Shield is a way to protect your router from harmful viruses or block malware. If you are not aware of this dangerous malware, then they will enter your phone, device, tablets and damage your device.

In such a case we use the shield for our broadband to protect ourself from the online world. You must be very careful while browsing over the internet as online safety should be the first priority for all the people who do online business or who depend on the internet.

As a result, the speed that I am getting is between 50 and 70. I am also going to provide screenshot below. Few months before when I order the sky broadband shield the minimum speed I’d get will be 51 then call it 50 and the average will be around 76.

I figured it that it had to do with the weather lately because of poor weather, as it was really windy. Even after that, it doesn’t work properly and I don’t want to wait for a minute when I’m about to play games.

I got in contact with them and they offered me a choice they said they might update my kit, but obviously, I don’t want to do that because I didn’t get the speed from my regular bundle.

Types of Sky Shield Protection:

Sky Broadband Shield

There are basically two types of protections provided by Sky shield broadband that is malware protection and another is parental controls. We are going to share this protection in details and what are the things will occur if we skip this shield.

What is Malware Protection?

Most of the user is aware of this word “malware”. Malware includes various types of activities that are carried out online like unwanted viruses, phishing activities or malware-infected websites.

Unwanted Viruses are the program files or codes that are designed in such a way to spread from one system to another system without the knowledge of user using the system to execute unwanted actions. What a virus can do to your system:

  • Corrupt your system.
  • Delete important files or data.
  • Steal confidential login pieces of information.
  • Can gain system controls.

Phishing is an activity or effort to get personal information without permission. Information such as usernames, passwords or even your credit card numbers by sending OTP in an online message as a trustworthy person.

What Parental Controls does?

You may have noticed safe search option on various of the browser today. They all come under parental controls that help to protect your children or youth from adult content.

It differentiates and filters the online content from the search engines so that you don’t have to worry when your children are using the Internet. This feature is included in wifi means all your device are safe from adult content whether it is phone, tablet, windows.

How to Setup broadband shield?

It is very easy to do setup all you need to figure out which websites you want to give access, block the websites which you don’t want to view. After that, you can decide which type of content you want on your search engine. You can also get an option to choose which content is visible to your children and which content is visible to you.

You get multiple variations with this product and it is totally free for all the sky users. Follow the below steps in order to do setup:

  1. Visit the official website here.
  2. Click on My Sky and select Sky Broadband shield from the menu.
  3. Enter your username and password that you get during the time of onboarding.
  4. There you will get an option of age choice (Choose age according to your family)
  5. Finally, Click on save.

The above method is to activate and how to set up in your router. Once it gets activated then if you are accessing and category that is blocked by you. There you will see an error message like:

Sorry! This website is blocked

How to Bypass Settings or Turn Off Sky Shield:

There are numbers of tutorials are available to bypass or turn off the sky. According to the latest update the new plan “default on” restricts content at the age of 13 till 9 pm every day. After that, there are no restrictions on 18rated content. Steps are as follow:

  • First of all, Sign in to with your username and password.
  • Select the age you want to choose and then press save settings.
  • To turn off scroll to the bottom and click on switch off. (It required at least 15-20 minutes to get switched off.)
Bypass Settings or Turn Off Sky Shield

Sky email settings

Sky email settings are very simple to use to coordinate all your works, pieces of information and contacts.

It is also simple to register & login and you will also get an option to add your previous contacts from another service provider into the list.

It also supports mobile features so that you can access all your important emails and meetings on a cell phone.

The simple interface and the user-friendly tabs and directories are one of its major advantages.

There are a number of visual styles for those who love interacting in an imaginative way that will change your home screen and adjust the colour of the buttons, email and calendar style.

Sky email settings

Sky Broadband Review

Here I have shared honest review of Sky Broadband on the basis on Money and the speed. The Company offers a great speed to their customer but the speed they get is too slow.

Below is the short comparison of the speed with other service providers.

Sky Broadband Review

You will get a broadband package of the sky at an affordable charge £22. A short comparison between the price of different service providers.

Sky Broadband Shield

FAQs Questions on Sky broadband Shield:

How to do Sky Broadband Router Settings?

First, connect your device with wifi or home broadband. Then you have to enter in your browser. It will ask for username and password, Enter admin in username section and sky in password or your wifi password.

How to bypass the broadband shield in android, Windows 10, iOS?

The bypass method is similar for all android, windows 7, 8, 10 or Ios devices. Log in into My Account dashboard and choose your preferable age and click on Save Settings.

How much is the cost of sky broadband booster?

Broadband Booster can cost you £5/month and it will be added to your existing plan. Sky broadband booster can be added to any of the three plans i.e; Normal(essential), Super-fast, and Ultra-fast plans.

How to connect sky broadband booster?

On the back of the booster, you have to plug the blue end of the cable into the blue switch. Keep in mind don’t push into main or power switch. Wait for a min till power light change and then go to wifi settings on your device and link sky broadband booster.

If you need any more information, and if you have any doubt do comment below or you can also contact us at Contact Us.

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