Rishi Sunak Faces More Woes As Poll Predicts Tories Win Fewer Than 100 Seats

The Conservative Party is likely to win fewer than 100 seats in the general election, according to a new poll.

The Techne survey showed support for the Conservatives fell again to just 23%, while Labor rose one point to 45%.

According to the Electoral Calculus website, this means Rishi Sunak’s party won just 93 seats – 283 fewer than they won in the 2019 election.

Labor will win by 484, up 287 on four years ago.

The Lib Democrats – who took 10% in the poll – would quadruple the number of seats from 8 to 34, while the SNP would fall from 48 to 18.

This would give Labor an overall majority of more than 200 seats.

These predictions paint a gloomy picture for the Conservative Party.These predictions paint a gloomy picture for the Conservative Party.

This follows a series of opinion polls since the start of 2024 which showed the Labor Party getting ahead as the general election approached.

A major poll of 14,000 voters last week predicted Keir Starmer would become prime minister with a 120-seat majority.

This sparked speculation that Sunak could be ousted by his panicked MPs.

Former cabinet minister Simon Clarke said the Tories would be “slaughtered” unless they changed their leader again.

Sunak will come under fresh pressure if, as expected, the Conservative Party loses the next two by-elections in Wellingborough and Kingswood.

The Tories are also expected to lose hundreds of seats in May’s local elections, posing another potential conflict for the prime minister.

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