Prince Harry Jabs John Travolta For ‘Eating Out’ At Princess Diana’s Famous 1985 Dance

Prince Harry made some strange remarks on Friday about actor John Travolta, who famously danced with the late Princess Diana.

Travolta is hosting the 21st Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards in Los Angeles on Friday, where Harry will be honored for his service as a helicopter pilot in the British Army. Harry took to the stage and Travolta, a recreational pilot, presented the royal with a medal.

“This is great,” Harry said in the recording posted on X, formerly Twitter.

“Thank you very much, Captain John,” he added towards Travolta, as the host walked away. “Do not run. I was one year old when you danced with my mother, as you told everyone here, and continued to eat out – probably every night. But look at us now.”

While the audience chuckled again, Harry continued to quip at Travolta: “If we don’t dance together, we’ll fly together.

“That’s it, thank you — we’re done,” he continued, before continuing to express his thanks.

Travolta twirled Diana, Harry’s mother, at the White House in a much-photographed moment in 1985. The Saturday Night Fever actor, whose role in the dance-filled drama made him a superstar, reportedly once called his walk with Diana “one of the highlights in my life.”

Prince Harry served in the British Army for 10 years and was honored Friday for his service.Prince Harry served in the British Army for 10 years and was honored Friday for his service.

Victoria Jones/Pool/Getty Images

Not everyone present at the awards show felt any bitterness in the dispute between Harry and Travolta.

“He talked about taking off and being in God’s playground, above the clouds, and he talked about the sense of wonder (of being up there),” director Catherine Hardwicke, whose friend Lauren Sánchez also received a medal, told Hello Magazine. “It was very poetic.”

“OMG that was cringe…And a little annoyed, probably didn’t get what he paid for,” wrote one user on X, with another commenting: “That’s not funny! It sounds very arrogant, conceited, and very disrespectful and dismissive of Travolta.”

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