People Just Realized A Sweet Fact About Daniel Radcliffe’s Parents

Rising to fame at the age of 12 and captivating us on screen ever since, Daniel Radcliffe is one of Britain’s most loved actors and with good reason. Of course, his career started with Harry Potter but since then, he has starred in various roles and succeeded in all of them.

To add to the aforementioned charm, Daniel credits his parents for his success. In 2015, when the actor was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he said about his parents: “I have to thank them because you are the best parents. It was a crazy thing we started as a family 16 years ago, but we made it and I made it because of you.”

Marcia Gresham and Alan Radcliffe

Marcia Gresham and Alan Radcliffe

But, who are his parents and how do they support his career?

Daniel’s parents are Alan Radcliffe and Marcia Gresham. Although they tend to act low-key now, they are actually child actors too! Speaking on NPR’s Fresh Air in 2013, Daniel admitted: “Both my parents were actors, there were shows playing in the car all the time. I grew up with that.”

However, he also revealed that because he had bad experiences in the world of entertainment, the two of them did not encourage him to follow in their footsteps. His mother then worked as a casting director and his father, a literary agency.

But that didn’t stop Daniel from gaining acting talent. “I was five years old. “I turned to my mom and said, ‘Mom, I want to be an actor,'” he told Parade in 2012.

However, it wasn’t until five years later when the actor was 10 years old that he landed his first role; starred in the BBC’s two-part adaptation of Charles Dickens’ ‘David Copperfield’.

As for his role in Harry Potter? Well, his parents, instead of seeing it as a paycheck for the family, were actually unsure whether the actor should take the role.

During HBO’s Harry Potter reunion special, director Chris Columbus said that his parents weren’t sure that Daniel should join the cast because it would be a “huge disruption in his life.”

In fact, they actually denied him the chance to audition until producer David Heyman convinced them.

According to an interview Radcliffe did with Entertainment Tonight, his parents never wavered in their support. He said: “My parents are amazing. They were very supportive.”

He added that he considers himself lucky because he was raised well as a child actor and said: “They maintained a balance by not being pushy but always supportive. In a way that is rarely considered the responsibility of the parents of child actors.”

Daniel became a father last April and has previously said that his parents set high standards for parenthood saying: “I just look back and say, ‘Wow, they really made things easy for me and understandable and it’s not scary.’ I don’t think they ever thought, ‘We have to do this.’ I think my mother and father raised children instinctively.”

They are a healthy little family.

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