Flight Attendants Reveal 9 Things You Should Never Do As a Passenger


Many people are frequent flyers nowadays, but their knowledge about air travel still cannot compare to the level of flight attendants. This is especially visible when the crew members themselves travel as passengers. “Working as a flight attendant changes your perspective on many things,” Francesco Lentini, a flight attendant at a major US airline, told … Read more

Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt in Last Chance Saloon As Tories Demand ‘Game Changer’ Budget


Just after 12.30 on Wednesday afternoon, Rishi Sunak will step aside from the Dispatch Box and make way for Jeremy Hunt. With the prime minister sitting directly behind him in the front seat of government, the chancellor will then present a Budget that will determine political and economic conditions during the months leading up to … Read more

What is Creatine? Experts Explain Muscle Supplements


There are many supplements, herbs, and tinctures out there that claim to increase strength and increase endurance. Many do not keep their promises, but there are also those who really keep their promises. One of them is creatine, which is claimed to help increase muscle and build strength. “Creatine is the most commonly used performance … Read more

Saya Bertanggung Jawab Atas Kematian Anjing Kakak. Bisakah Saya Dimaafkan?


Saya selalu terpesona oleh pengampunan. Untuk sesuatu yang pada dasarnya sangat penting bagi kita sebagai manusia yang memiliki kekurangan, memahami hal tersebut tampaknya menakutkan – sebuah konsep yang rumit dan samar-samar. Saya juga terpesona oleh “Sex and the City” (seperti banyak orang berusia 40 hingga 50-an lainnya, saya rasa). Serial ini terkadang mengedepankan pengampunan, seperti … Read more

Influencer Kecantikan Menjadi Nyata Tentang Biaya Semua Prosedur Mereka


Sebuah video menjadi viral bulan lalu yang menunjukkan perawat kecantikan Miranda Wilson menunjukkan semua prosedur yang telah dia lakukan pada tahun 2023. Dalam klip tersebut, influencer kecantikan berusia 30 tahun ini mengatakan bahwa dia menjalani Botox dua kali tahun lalu (total $1.000), Botox massal satu kali untuk mendapatkan garis rahang yang lebih tegas ($1.200), dua … Read more

Kate Winslet Gets Graphic As She Contemplates Filming A Pee Scene


Kate Winslet couldn’t help but slip back into “oversharing” mode during a recent appearance on Graham Norton’s talk show. During her interview last week, Kate spoke candidly about the reality of filming a scene in the film Holy Smoke, which required her character to undress and urinate, in an attempt to prove that she had … Read more

BBC Presenter Clashes With Galloway Spokesperson After Election Win


A BBC radio presenter clashed angrily with a senior figure in George Galloway’s party after the veteran left-winger won a by-election in Rochdale. Former Labor MP Chris Williamson hit out at Mishal Husain on Radio Four’s Today program because he failed to condemn the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7. He also refused to … Read more