Viewers are blown away by new 10 Years Younger in 10 Days

Viewers are blown away by new 10 Years Younger in 10 Days – Talktalk News

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A man who struggled to date in his 50s after losing his arm at 18 and a healer who found it difficult to accept her body after the menopause wowed viewers with their makeovers last night. 

Steven, from Leeds, led a full life, but at 57, his ‘worn out’ and ‘tired’ looks made people think he was 62.  

Meanwhile, Faye, a shamanic healer from Hertfordshire, revealed she didn’t recognise herself after piling on the pounds following a premature menopause, and looked much older than her actual age of 51. 

Both decided to face their issues head on by appearing on Channel 5’s 10 Years Younger in 10 Days last night. 

After appointments with leading experts in haircare, cosmetics and fashion, both Steve and Faye felt much more confident in themselves. 

And their glitzy new look impressed viewers, who were touched by Steven and Faye’s stories.

Faye, a shamanic healer from Hertfordshire, revealed she didn’t recognise herself after piling on the pounds following a premature menopause, and looked much older than her actual age of 51. After her makeover, people thought she looked 50

Faye felt happy with her looks in this ‘glam’ look. She said she wanted to be more positive about her appearance moving forward 

The shamanic healer, who struggled with her looks, was left speechless by her reveal on the show 

Steve, who has a slim frame with kind eyes, explained he didn’t let the loss of his arm in a horrific motorbike accident aged 18 phase him. 

The entrepreneur trained as a mechanic before created his own £1million business, and after struggling to find a arm prothesis he liked, he created his own. 

In his spare time, he learned how to breakdance, liked to go horseback riding, played the trumpet, and even learned how to fly a plane. He also said he loved to go dancing. 

However, he admitted he still found it difficult to talk to women.  

Steven, from Leeds, led a full life, but at 57, his ‘worn out’ and ‘tired’ looks made people think he was 62, left. After his makeover, people said he looked 50, right 

‘There are certain things about my appearance I’d love to change,’ he told the camera. 

‘I’ve never had the confidence as a young guy or as an adult to walk up to a woman and say hello.

‘I go five, six nights a week dancing. I wish I had the confidence to dance with a woman,’ he added. 

‘Maybe the makeover might just give me enough confidence to go and do that,’ he mused, adding: ‘I don’t want to dance by myself again, ever.’

Steven, who lost his arm aged 18, lived life to the full, but admitted he lacked confidence to speak to the ladies 

Looking dapper! After his makeover, Steven said he was glad he pushed himself out of his comfort zone 

Ready to mingle! Steven was delighted with the result, and said the show had been a ‘life-changing’ experience

‘One thing I do thing quite tricky is, if I go on a dating website, if I put “only have one arm”, people think “uh oh’ that’s a negative”, they’ll write you off,’ he told Cherry. 

Steve’s sister Tracy explained how his accident and the loss of his arm affected his confidence. 

She said: ‘when he first lost his arm a lot of children would stare at him and he found uncomfortable to start with. He doesn’t know how to deal with that.

Steven agreed he feared what other people would see him as. However, he was confidence the makeover would be: ‘an opportunity to see how I could look with the right guidance and I’d like to be more attractive to the opposite sex.’

People thought Steven looked 62, seven years older than his actual age, and while he took the news on the chin, this motivated him to throw himself into the makeover process. 

‘I’m doing this because I know I’m looking a little worn. Let’s see if we can rebuild,’ he said. 

Faye’s niece Vanessa, pictured, said Faye told her she felt she had ‘neglected’ herself. She was delighted by the results of her aunt’s makeover.

He said to Cherry, tongue-in-cheek: ‘No harm in trying.’ 

His first expert appointment was with stylist Gemma Sheppard, who made him try several styles, from a casual jean look to a smarter layered look. 

She explained layering clothes can be great for thin men like Steven. 

She also updated his glasses from ‘ageing’ wire frames to larger, trendier frame that made him more youthful.  

After this initial appointment, Steven went on to discuss his skin woes with cosmetic practitioner Dr Tapan Patel.  

‘When you look at yourself, do you feel there are certain parts of you that age you?’ the expert asked. 

Steven revealed he felt quite self conscious about his nose, which he broke as a child. 

He also pointed to his expression lines around his mouth, saying he got a lot of smiling wrinkles. 

Dr Patel administered fillers to Steven’s chin to make his jawline more prominent, and gave him a ‘liquid nose job’ by injecting fillers at the top of his nose to correct the bump.  

Steven was blown-away by the results, saying: ‘I look totally different.

‘It was such a simple procedure and you can see the result instantaneously,’ he later told the camera. 

‘I haven’t changed that drastically, but there are subtle differences that make me look at myself and say “ah, I’m a little bit rejuvenated and younger”,’ he said. 

Finally, his last appointment was with hairstylist John Vial, who gave him a haircut and a bold new colour and also tinted his eyebrows to make his whole face look younger. 

When came time for Steven’s reveal, he was overcome with joy at the results. 

Gemma dressed him in a smart black costume with a thin leg and a vest, paired with a white and blue shirt and boots. 

‘Oh I like that,’ the entrepreneur said. 

He also liked his new hair colour, a youthful looking reddish hue. 

‘The hair looks goods, I’m a bit funky,’ he joked, adding ‘makes me want to stand proud.

He reflected on the experience, saying: ‘I just wanted something different, and I wasn’t sure what that difference was, I’ve never put myself through that type of process before.

‘I feel smart and I feel elegant inside, so I may as well look smart inside and elegant on the outside,’ he told Cherry. 

After his makeover, Steven’s new poll age was 50, seven years younger than his actual age, and 12 years younger than what the age people previously gave him.  

Steven rushed back to Leeds to show the results of his transformation to his sister and mother. 

He told the camera: ‘I’ve gone through this process almost to prove to others you can push yourself outside of your comfort zone, and you don’t have to feel stupid, and it can be a lifechanging experience.’

Meanwhile, Faye told the show she felt guilty for not being able to accept her body after menopause brought on an unexpected weight gain. 

‘I live on my own, I’m a bit of a nature fairy. It’s very important for me to be outside, and have that connection with trees and animals,’ she admitted. 

‘I am a therapist that works in a spiritual way. My work is all about make people thing empowered, feel good about themselves,’ she revealed. 

But while she focused her energy on helping others, Faye admitted she didn’t know how to help herself.  

‘There is that part of me that hasn’t accepted myself on a physical level,’ she said. 

‘Not feeling great about the way I look has put a big dent in my confidence,’ she said, tearing up. 

She explained an accident she sustained at 29 had a lasting impact on her looks.  

‘When I was 29, I had a near fatal road traffic accident and sustained quite serious injuries and I still have some things going on,’ she said. 

‘I went into an early menopause at the age of 37, I got very ill again, I couldn’t keep my blood sugar stable, which would cause me to be very very weak and the weight started to creep on then as well because I couldn’t exercise.

‘Since then, I’ve had to cope with a lot of body changes and emotional chances,’ she explained. 

Faye’s niece Vanessa said ‘you can’t help but be so happy when you’re with her.’

However, she admitted that Faye had confided in her that she felt ‘very neglected, that she’s neglected herself.’

Faye said it was something she felt guilty about.  

‘Sometimes I beat myself up about that. You know “oh you’re spiritual, you’re a healer and you’re supposed to be embracing the whole of you”,’ she said. 

‘I certainly don’t recognised myself physically, the weight gain’s really hard, and I don’t feel like I look nice anymore,’ she added through tears. 

While her real age is 51, a poll revealed the general public thought Faye was 63 which made her feel like ‘an old, fat lady.’ 

‘I’m looking forward to you being love and nurtured and feeling comfortable in your skin again,’ Cherry told her. 

The makeover process was hard for Faye, who admitted: ‘I look in the mirror and I struggle with what I see.’

Her first appointment was with Cosmetic expert Nilam Holmes, who treated her using several methods.  

‘I am little bit out of my comfort zone, I dot often have facial, I’m a little bit “what is she going to do to me?”,’ Faye said. 

Nilam started by cleansing Faye’s skin, and then using micro currents to tighten her face. She also used an infrared treatment, which harness the body healing properties so the skin does its own anti-ageing. 

Faye was delighted the results, and joked she was ‘with the fairies’ after the treatment.  

When it came to fashion, the healer admitted she struggled to cope with her new body shape.  

‘The way that I’ve felt about my body, in the couple of recent years, has really impacted the freedom that I feel,’ she said. 

‘I see these body shapes that I no longer know how to dress and that does impact on my confidence,’ she admitted. 

Stylist Gemma Sheppard gave Faye a pep talk, saying the way she saw herself was a matter of perception.  

‘In your journey of life, you’re a difference to what you’ve been before, and this is where you are at today,’ she said. 

Faye could not fight back tears as she looked at herself in the mirror, but Gemma told her that ‘releasing and letting go’ could help her moving forward. 

During their session together, the stylist told the healer how she could put her best assets, forward with materials like silk and leather, and how to dress smartly when you get hot flushes from the menopause – by layering with kimonos and light jackets.  

‘All of this comes back to confidence, owning your self-worth and being your own best-friend,’ the stylist told Faye. 

The healer also had a one-on-one makeup tutorial with Hannah Martin, who let her experiment with colour to put a little bit of sparkle into her routine/ 

All that was missing was an appointment with John Vial before Faye could see her new look.   

Before she saw herself, Faye said: ‘My friends and fam will see a version of me they already knew was there, but that I didn’t see.’

She stepped in front of Cherry for her reveal, wearing leather trousers with platforms, a silky lacy top and a bedazzled black jacket with a sparkly tie. 

Her hair was styled into a wavy and bouncy blow-dry with honey highlights, and she was sporting a glowy makeup with a golden eyeshadow.  

Faye was left speechless by the transformation, while Chery said:  ‘it’s super glam.

Faye’s new poll age was put at 50, which is one year younger than her actual age, and 13 years younger than what people previously thought.  

‘I know I can be very hard on myself, I expect quite a lot from my self, so I’m going to make sure I see the positive as much as possible,’ Faye reflected. 

Viewers took Faye and Steven’s transformation to heart and suggested they would make a ‘lovely’ pair 

‘It is possible to make subtle changes to your physical appearance that will affect you on a deeper level. 

‘It’s going to be easy for me to embrace the parts of me that I find difficult to embrace,’ she said. 

Viewers loved to watch Steven and Faye’s transformations, and even said they would make a striking pair. 

‘Awww Steve!!!!! We love you Steve,’ one said. 

‘Steve is gorgeous – inside and out. Hope he’s found someone special,’ another wrote. 

‘How much do we live Steve?! What a top guy!!! Gemma has sorted him right out! Hope he gets a great woman,’ one said. 

‘Steve is lovely. They should pair him up with Faye. Both lovely and single,’ one said. 

10 Years Younger in 10 Days airs on Thursdays at 8pm on Channel 5.  

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