Tradies asked woman 'how much for a massage' when she moved

Tradies asked woman ‘how much for a massage’ when she moved – Talktalk News

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The creepy moment tradies assume young woman works for a Thai massage place and ‘ask her price for a full body massage’ while working in her front yardA young woman has slammed ‘creepy’ tradies who asked her about a massageLisa Sun said tradies came to her home to ask her to move her sister’s carWhen she couldn’t they chopped down the tree next to the car anywayShe went to film them in case of damage to the car when they scared her 

A young woman has revealed the creepy moment two tradies asked her ‘how much she charged for a full body massage’ moments after knocking on her front door.

Lisa Sun posted a video on TikTok saying she was left feeling ‘very vulnerable’ after the incident with the two men who had come to her street to trim the trees.

The pair were going door-to-door asking people to move their cars out of the way.

‘I told them it was my sister’s car and she wouldn’t be home until after five and didn’t have a spare set of keys,’ she said.

Lisa Sun says visiting tradies made her feel uncomfortable after ‘looking her up and down’ before asking how much a massage would cost

‘So they decided to cut down the tree anyway,’ she added.

Lisa decided to go outside to ‘TikTok them’ in case her sister’s car was damaged when the conversation took a sharp turn.

‘The guy looks me up and down and says “how much is a massage”,’ she said, explaining there is a Thai massage place ‘around the corner’.

She told them she didn’t know and the man, who had a neck tattoo, replied: ‘Oh you aren’t with them,’ while staring at Lisa, making her feel uncomfortable.

‘And then I locked both my front doors,’ she said, grimacing at the camera.

People rallied behind her in the comments.

‘Well there is a lot wrong there. Definitely not okay,’ one woman said.

The woman said she felt uncomfortable after the interaction with the men – stock image

‘I would definitely lock my windows too,’ added another.

In the comments Lisa revealed her neighbour had come outside and spoken to her about it, which made her feel more secure.

‘Just felt a bit vulnerable immediately afterwards but it’s ok. My neighbour came out and I told him and he was so good about it,’ she said.


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