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TalkTalk Free Customer Service

Today, I am going to share a TalkTalk customer Service number and TalkTalk phone number toll-free. Talktalk is a well-known name in the name of INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER & it is a large organization where they offer plenty of services and products to customers.

Talk Talk Customer Service

Every company is measured in terms of customer service responses. If you are running a small business, you may have many products, but the quality of the products is judged or measured by the customers.

For that, every company needs customer support to contact them related to any product, query, or anything.

Customer service of a particular company directly or indirectly depends on the company's sales and marketing, the more excellent the customer service, the better the customer's experience.

There are various customer numbers available for different departments. You can find thousands of numbers on the internet today but the number shared here is 100% Working, and through this number, you will connect directly.

The universal Talktalk phone number is 0345 172 0088.

Tollfree Uk phone number available 24 hours a day and seven days a week is 0844 306 9114. You can call this number or save it to the Directory in your device memory for the future. Once you dial the above number then you will have to choose the options:

Tv, Phone, Broadband

To connect to Talk customer desk regarding Tv, phone, and broadband, you have to dial 0844 306 9114, and when your line is connected, you have to press 1.

Talk Talk Mobile

If you want to contact Talktalk for Mobile services, you have to dial the same number and once your line is connected, press 2.

Some of the Important useful information before contacting the TalkTalk Phone number:

The company also provided Help and community section at the official website of Talktalk where you can find multiple FAQs related to your particular query.

If you have not found any relevant solution to your problem, you can call directly on the number mentioned above.

Talktalk Business is one of the fastest-growing industry in the world. All the business company requires customer service to improve their services in the market.

It believes in the fastest and comfortable solutions and offered 27*7 help to our customers. Talktalk business deals in 3 types of business, i.e.;

  1. Small business (up to 19 employees)
  2. Mid-size company ( 20- 250 employees)
  3. Large company (250+ employees).

    TalkTalk Customer Service

Talktalk customer service:

Currently, Talktalk customer service phone number offers a full range of services like spanning Internet access, data, voice, Tv, broadband and mobile among 180000+ business partners and commercial customers.

Get in touch with Talk talk toll-free number

Talktalk recently launched a toll-free number for their customers for better assistance. The toll-free number is only for the existing Talktalk Customers who dial 0345 172 0044 from their registered mobile number.

If you want to connect to the specific department, you must refer below to connect your call directly to the relevant department.

Customer service number for the sales department

You can get in touch with the sales department from Monday to Friday from 8 am - 6 pm. If you have a problem related to only business broadband, you can directly connect your call by dialling below number.


For all other solutions, you need to call


You can also contact TalkTalk customer service through our Talk talk live chat option. You only have to click on the link. Using this feature, you can quickly get a resolution compared to the solution provided like calling or email.

Some of the benefits of Customer service are:

  1. Contact Via call, chat, emails, or even by IVR.
  2. Solve query related to bills
  3. Troubleshoot and resolve issues immediately
  4. You can track your order quickly.
  5. Need to make any changes to your account.

    TalkTalk Customer Service

Talktalk Phone number

Talktalk phone number is available seven days a week, from Monday to Sunday (8 am-6 pm). But it is divided into two categories one is small business customer service, and another is large business customer service.

To contact a small business, you have to call 08000833003; For a large corporation, you have to dial 08002982883.

The billing department is available seven days a week, but only from 8 am - 8 pm. To contact the billing department, you have to call below number. It will directly connect your call to the relevant department.


Talktalk business also provides direct Numbers to its partners. If you are a business partner, you have to pay 3p per minute + phone access charge. There are two types of categories

  • New Enquiries08009540764
  • Existing Reseller support: 08453306725

In both the cases business customer service is available from Monday to Friday (9 am - 5 pm).

TalkTalk Customer Service Opening times in 2021

Hi guys, There slightly changes in talk talk customer service opening times in 2021. As we all know, customer service has become a large organization and offers various types of customer services and for these reasons. Talktalk offered you to call on customer service Number 03451720088.

Just because of some updates the customer service timings have changed or it can be just because of technical issues talk-talk has to update their customer service opening times.

Now customer service helpline number will be available from 8:00 am to 10:00 am, and the best thing is still the same: it is open seven days a week.

TalkTalk deals with various types of business like small business, medium scale business and large scale business. If you are from a small scale industry, you have to call on customer service for small scale business, i.e., 0800-083-3003.

The timing for small business customer service is between 8 am to 8 pm. These customer services are available from Monday to Friday.

Customer Service Opening times for large business

If your organization is in large scale business, you can get solutions to your queries by dialling 08002982883. there are lots of benefits for large or medium scale business that it is available 24hrs. You can call at any time from anywhere between Monday to Friday.

Talk-talk customer service email

There is another method through which you can contact customer service of talk-talk is email. Talktalk customer service email is an excellent way if you are a shy type of person.

If you don't like to talk to people or are not comfortable speaking, you can opt for this type of customer service. Send your query to "[email protected]", and within 24hr you will get a reply to your related questions.

Customer Service Opening times for billing

There are a lot of persons who are having problems with their billing. Now you have to first call to talk-talk customer service helpline number then they will divert your call to a different department and then other departments. At last, you will not get any solution to your queries. So in this scenario, you can call direct to the billing department by dialling 08000832545. Before dialling to the billing department, you know one thing: it is only open from 8 am to 8 pm between Monday to Friday.

Talk Talk Customer Service Opening times for Internet down

This is the most common problem in talk-talk business. No doubt they also provide the best broadband service that will offer you free setup for 18 months during your initial stage. you can click on the below link to contact talk-talk for broadband services, or you may check your download speed on "talk-talk business broadband speed test."

TalkTalk Opening Times

If you love to do chatting, then this option is beneficial for you to resolve your query. To do a live chat, you have to:-

  • First visit official site of Talk-Talk or you can click here.
  • At the end of the right-hand side, you will see an office assistant
  • Click on it then a popup window will appear
  • There you will do a live chat to talk-talk customer service executives.