Talkmobile 4G LTE APN Data Settings for Android | iOS | Windows 2021

If your Talkmobile 4G data network is not working or you want to update your device’s APN data settings. 

There are several reasons why your mobile data network settings are not working correctly. Here you will get to know all the reasons affecting your Talkmobile internet setting and how you can resolve it.

Mobile data plans are an integral part of mobile networks, which provide us with connectivity from the UK operators.

Nowadays, Talk mobile data has taken over the wifi connections, and everybody is using mobile internet plans on their devices. Both have their pros and cons depending upon the people’s needs.

Follow this complete post step-by-step to update your data setting in Talkmobile.

Talkmobile data setting up my Phone

Setting a phone with a talk mobile is relatively easy; you don’t require any additional knowledge to set up your device. 

The phone is not limited to communicating with people, but it has become an essential part of our life. 

It has all our secrets and knows our daily activity, and there may be a possibility that it also starts understanding our feelings in the upcoming latest mobile device.

Suppose you are setting up your phone with a Talkmobile for the first time. Then you have to send a text message WEB to 40127 from your talk mobile sim. 

After that, you will receive a setting on your phone as a text message. Once you have received a message, connect your device with the mobile talk network.

Click on the text to install settings and follow the instructions. Additionally, you have to restart your device once the installation is complete.

For any assistance during the process, you can connect with the agent on Talk talk Live chat.

Let’s get straight into what are the reasons your 4G LTE mobile network is not working on your device and how to fix it.

Talkmobile 4G LTE Network Problems

Let me ask you something. How much time would you spend on your mobile device? Some people say a few hours, but some people spend their whole day working using a mobile network.

Choosing the right mobile network provider can save your efforts and timing. There are various ways that your talk mobile 4G network is not working. Check below steps to fix your Talkmobile internet connection:

Restart your device

Many people think crazy about restarting a device; they don’t believe in restarting a mobile phone will solve their data problem. But in some cases, it works.

I do believe that there is no inter-connection between the device restart and the internet. You can give it a try. Hopefully, it will work for you. 

Check your Airplane Mode

Your mobile data won’t work if your mobile airplane’s mode is on. You have to turn off your airplane mode and wait for a minute to check your connection. Go to the data settings option, look for a wireless network and turn off your Airplane mode.

When you turn off your airplane mode, ensure your mobile is connected to talk mobile data, and your wifi is off.

Check Mobile Data usage.

Suppose you are on a talk mobile limited data plan and you didn’t turn off your mobile data while roaming. Then there may be a possibility that your data is exhausted.

You can keep track of your daily usage on Talktalk my account DashboardOpen the Talkmobile app, go to my account section, and tap on data usage.

Update your APN Settings

Every mobile device communicates with the network through APN (Access point Names). Without a proper Talkmobile APN setting, you can’t connect to the mobile web. These settings in your mobile are essential and provide a gateway to access the internet.

Talkmobile Data Settings 2021

An APN or access point name is a combination of settings needed to ensure you can connect to the mobile internet network and send picture messages when you insert a new mobile SIM into your phone.

You will receive a text message with your APN settings to install them. You’ll need to make sure that you’ve connected to the talk mobile network and not wifi.

Once you receive the text message, follow the directions to accept to install the settings. 

If there’s a problem installing the settings or your internet or picture messages don’t seem to be working, you can text web to 40127.

They will resend the settings by text. You can also enter the settings manually if you’ve got a new mobile and pay as you go customer. You’ll need to enter them yourself. I will show you how to do this.

Talkmobile data settings for contract customer

  • First, go to settings and choose mobile networks.
  • From here, select access point names. You’ll see the various options for contract and pay-as-you-go.
  • If you contract a customer, select Talk mobile web.
  • The APN should be
  • The username should be wap, and the password should also be wap.
Talkmobile data settings

Talkmobile data settings for pay as you go, customer

  • For all pay-as-you-go customer 
  • Select talk mobile PAYG 
  • The APN should be 
  • The username and the password should be set as WAP.
Talkmobile data setting

Talkmobile mms data settings

The MMS settings should be the same for both contract and pay-as-you-go customers.

  • MMSC will be
  • The MMS proxy should be
  • MMS port should be 8799
  • MCC should be 234, and MNC should be 15

For more, refer to this video:

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