Sydney property hunter reveals how she had a 'vision' of

Sydney property hunter reveals how she had a ‘vision’ of – Talktalk News

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A Sydney woman has revealed how ‘seeing ghosts’ while helping her friend view a property lead to a new career where she claims to check levels of ‘good and bad energy’ in homes.

Property finder Wendy Buckingham, 52, helps clients discover their dream homes across NSW. But unlike an average property finder, she claims to use her ‘psychic abilities’ to also evaluate the ‘feel’ of the properties.

Wendy admits that she was sceptical towards the idea of spirituality until the end of 2019, when her mother, who was also a psychic, died.

Wendy Buckingham, 52, has long worked as a property finder – helping people find their dream homes across NSW. She has also started evaluating the ‘good and bad’ energy in properties using her ‘psychic abilities’

‘I got into house reading by accident, literally by accident,’ she told FEMAIL. 

‘My mum passed away just before Covid.

‘In 2019, she was on life support and in the intensive care unit.

‘She was psychic. But I just dismissed it when she was alive.

‘But when she was dying, I decided to look into it and I watched a video on YouTube about opening my third eye.’

The third eye is a mystical invisible eye, usually depicted on the forehead. It often symbolises higher consciousness and a state of enlightenment. 

Wendy said she started connecting to the ‘spirit world’, and used her newfound ability to help her mother pass into the next realm. 

Wendy is pictured in her kitchen. When she first moved in, she said the ghost of a previous owner was in the kitchen, trying to make a cup of tea. Wendy said she had to tell the ghost that ‘they had passed away’.

‘I had to turn off the life support, and I knew it was going to hurt,’ Wendy said.

‘I decided I was going to open my third eye – and support her pass over.’

Two years on, she now believes her mother helped her to ‘activate her ability’ and possibly chose to pass it onto her after she died. 

Six months later, Wendy was helping a friend, Katherine, find a rental home when she said she discovered she had the ‘ability to see ghosts’.

While looking, one old house kept popping up on their online searches. 

Her friend thought the home was too far away from central Sydney – but it was close to the beach so they decided to check it out.

‘Her teenager daughters saw the pictures online and thought it was haunted,’ Wendy said. 

‘They said ‘there’s no way we’re going to live there’.

‘But we’re both rational mothers of Christian faith and we asked God to show us if there was anything we need to be concerned about.’

As soon as Wendy arrived at the property, she said she saw a vision of man lying in the garage.

Wendy is pictured with Katherine. The friends were inspecting a property when Wendy discovered she had the ‘ability to see ghosts’. 

‘It was like a memory, but right in front of me,’ she explained.

‘It was like an episode of CSI – but there was no blood or no gunshot wound.

‘I thought it was so odd, why would my mind make it up?’

She decided not to say anything to her friend and quickly went inside the house. 

‘As soon as we walked in the front door, my friend had a panic attack immediately,’ Wendy said.

‘She didn’t want to walk through the house, she felt so unsafe.

‘We split up, everyone else was walking through the house fast.’

Wendy said she had another vision in the children’s bedroom upstairs. 

‘I saw two children screaming. I thought I was remembering my own trauma as a child,’ she said.

Wendy admits that she was sceptical towards the idea of spirituality until the end of 2019, when her mother, who was also a psychic, died

‘I looked around the room to see if I was being triggered, seeing if there was the same carpet, colour of the wall, but nothing was the same.

‘I went to speak to the real estate agent and asked if anyone had died here.

‘They have to legally declare if someone died in the last five years. But you don’t have to disclose a break and entering.’

The estate agent said no-one had recently died, and that they didn’t know anything about the previous owner. 

‘We went to the car and thought, it’s probably not a goer. My friend is a single mum and there was nobody there to protect her,’ Wendy said.

‘As we’re walking to the car, the next door neighbour came out. I called out to her and said ”hi’ and asked if the area was safe.

‘She was lovely, said it was great neighbourhood – but her body language was odd.

‘I shouted at her ‘I felt like someone had died in the driveway’.

The neighbour looked shocked, and told her a 100-year-old man had died in the driveway several years ago.  

‘He had lived there years ago with his parents all his life,’ Wendy said.

‘He was a handyman, he had a leak on the roof of his garage and climbed up to fix it, obviously he shouldn’t have done it because he fell off the garage roof and was found in his driveway.   

‘I thought I had to find out about the  screaming kids too.

‘The neighbour wouldn’t say anything, and I didn’t want to blurt out. I didn’t want to upset her if she didn’t know about it. 

What is a spiritual property guide? 

Wendy says she speaks to clients about the energy in their homes, and finds any non-physical visitors. 

She says that sometimes, after passing away, relatives or friends will visit. 

If they have good intentions, she can pass their messages.

However, if she finds anything evil she refers her clients to her Property Clearing expert.

She says she cannot tell the future, but can intuit what it might be.

She says she encourages clients to love themselves more and step into their awareness, to vision and choose now, bit by bit, what they really want. 

‘Sometimes, one decision at one moment in time can change the direction of your life,’ she says.

‘Sometimes you know when that decision is in front of you. 

‘If you are asking about the future, you may worry something isn’t right, or you might miss the best path. 

‘Sit quietly and ask for clarity and wisdom.’

‘So I asked her – ‘Has anyone broken in to your house? Has anyone stolen anything?’ – just general safety questions.’ 

At the same time, Wendy said she imagined someone running through the back shed.

‘I looked at her house and it was really well-fenced, six foot high, with no way to get in.’

Wendy thought she was going ‘nuts’ but the neighbour then told her there was a time when someone jumped over the fence from the other side and ran through her garden to get into the house they had just viewed.

‘She said ‘there was screaming, the police were called’. She knew more but she didn’t want to share.’

After the sightings, Wendy decided to put up a sign advertising her readings at a fair.

From there, she got her first client who asked her to go out to a house and view it.

Wendy didn’t know at the time, but the property was a former housing commission house and an ex-drug lab.

‘I described one of her next door neighbours and I described two of the people that were living there before.’

Soon after, Wendy was contacted by a lady who runs the Sydney Psychic Show.

‘I came to the Easter show. I didn’t even have tarot cards – just me and my energetic abilities, Wendy said.

‘I just thought I’d try it once and then sack it in.’

After only planning to do three days at the Easter show, Wendy ended up staying for eight days and later set up a stall for three days at Darling Harbour’s Mind, Body and Spirit show. 

‘A lot of women came to me and said they didn’t know why they were here,’ Wendy said.

‘I asked angels to find people I can help and I did. We ended up cleansing a lot of toxic energy – mostly of ex-boyfriends.’

From there, Wendy decided to incorporate her two businesses and help people find ‘energetically clean’ homes. 

‘It’s not just about bad energy, but also about enhancing good energy,’ Wendy said.

‘A house with bad energy will sell for less money.’

After the sightings, Wendy decided to put up a sign advertising readings at a fair. From there, she got her first client who asked her to go out to a house and view it

Wendy also claims that she can ‘talk to the spirit world and move them on’, and even sometimes ‘tells ghosts that they’ve passed away’. 

‘Sometimes people don’t realise they’re dead and try and do normal things,’ Wendy said.

‘They get stuck in a loop of trying to do a thing. I have met a couple of spirits like that.

‘I’ve had to tell people they’ve passed away. And they go ‘oh I thought something was different’.

‘The house I’m in now. When I first got here there was the ghost of a previous owner – an old lady using a walker. 

‘She was walking around with a walker trying to get a cup of tea, and getting frustrated because she couldn’t do it 

‘She had a bit of dementia, I pulled in a memory of when she was young – I reminded her of her teenage best friend and said she was waiting for her on the other side.

‘She said ”ah yeah’.

While she claims to make spirits move on, Wendy calls in help of a ‘property clearing expert’ to cleanse a home of bad energies.

She can also help people to manifest their dream home.

‘All my psychic friends manifest where they live. They draw it before they find it.’

Wendy doesn’t charge any extra for her house readings because she ‘can’t help’ but read the energy of a property.

For house whispering she charges $150 in person, or $100 remotely. For property energy clearing it will cost upwards of $300.

 Wendy Buckingham is the founder of Buckingham House Finders

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