Save 28% on the Jall sunrise alarm clock on Amazon and have

Save 28% on the Jall sunrise alarm clock on Amazon and have – Talktalk News

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‘I’m now a morning person!’ Amazon shoppers say waking up slowly with a sunrise alarm clock is ‘transformative’ for sleep and health – and the price is now slashed by nearly $20

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There’s a huge difference between waking up feeling refreshed and ready to go and waking up feeling sluggish and hitting the snooze button.

One way to experience more of the former is to wake up gently. The Jall wake-up sunrise alarm clock can help you feel alert from the minute you wake-up thanks to a sunrise stimulation light that goes from 10 per cent brightness to 100 percent gradually over the 30 minutes before you wake up.

Now at its lowest ever price on Amazon, the now $42.98 clock has been proven to help users start their day with increased energy levels.

This sunrise simulation light will gradually go from 10 percent brightness to 100 percent by 30 minutes before alarm setting time. 

This signals to the brain that morning is coming and stars the process of firing up feel good and awake hormones in the body. 

Simple to use, there are also buttons for an FM radio, snooze, and the option to use it as a dimmable night light.


When the optic nerve of the eye senses light it sends signals to the body’s internal master clock that it is morning, daylight has arrived, and your new day is starting.

It is this cue from the master clock that triggers the release of cortisol and other hormones to be released which acts like a key in the ignition to fire up the engine and make you feel fresh and alert.

Ease into the day: The Jall alarm clock can be set to gradually get brighter before you want to wake up to signal to the brain that morning is coming

As an added bonus, the Jall alarm clock has an in-built FM radio so you can put on a fun station to wake you up even more.

In practice, this has proved very popular with users as more than 20,000 Amazon shoppers rating the Jall clock a full five stars and praising how ‘brilliant’ it is for regulating sleep cycles and helping them wake up feeling refreshed.

‘This alarm clock is a complete game-changer,’ wrote one impressed Amazon shopper. ‘I am not a morning person and I hate waking up, but I have more energy when I wake up to this with the simulation of sunlight than I do with anything else.

The Jall alarm clock creates a soft, warm glow so there’s no strain on the eyes. Choose from seven colors to fall asleep and wake to

Another added: ‘This alarm clock is one of the most innovative alarm clocks I have ever seen. Every since I purchased it a few weeks ago, my night and morning routine have improved dramatically.

‘I no longer need my iPhone for an alarm in my room at night which improves my sleep and relaxation. I wake up each morning to a soothing piano riff and a simulation of the sun rising, 20 minutes before my alarm goes off.’

If you struggle to switch off and fall asleep, the clock will be extra useful to you as it has a nightlight feature. Set it to gradually dim the lights while you’re in bed and your brain will be reminded that it’s night and you need to warm down.

The Jall alarm clock also has a dimmable night light feature to prepare the brain for sleep and help you wind down

The night light feature is soft and warm and better for reading books than harsh overhead lights.

You can even switch between seven different color modes for this night light until you find the one that makes you feel the most calm.

Another full-five star reviewer praised how calming the sunrise clock made them feel, writing: ‘I love that you aren’t jarred awake in the morning. I hadn’t realized how much better I feel all day when I’ve had a calm awakening.’


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