Samuel Levi pays $27 for a salad from a café in Auckland

Samuel Levi pays $27 for a salad from a café in Auckland – Talktalk News

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You won’t BELIEVE the amount furious diner paid for this ‘tiny’ Caesar salad: ‘It’s daylight robbery’A former reality television star was shocked after receiving a ‘tiny’ salad Samuel Levi paid $27 for what appears to be a Caesar salad  The 29-year-old ordered the dish while at a café in Auckland Samuel said dubbed the small dish served as ‘daylight robbery’ 

A diner has been left outraged after receiving a ‘tiny’ salad at a café in Auckland despite paying $27 (AUD $24) for the dish.

Former Married At First Sight Australia star Samuel Levi shared a photo to his Instagram story of what appears to be a small Caesar salad with some large croutons.

It was made up of a few salad leaves, a small amount of avocado, tomato, shredded cheese and slices of crisp bread.

‘Paid $27 today for this tiny and small piece of sh*t salad. Bloody hell Auckland. This is damn rough and daylight robbery,’ the 29-year-old wrote.

Former Married At First Sight contestant Samuel Levi (pictured) couldn’t believe how much he spent for a ‘tiny’ salad in Auckland 

The 29-year-old shared a photo of the dish to his Instagram story claiming he spent $27 on the dish (pictured). Samuel didn’t call out the café on social media

‘Where NOT TO GO and visit while in Auckland,’ he added online with a facepalm and eyeroll emoji.

Samuel didn’t mentioned whether he ate the dish or complained to the staff about the portion size.

In Australia prices of groceries have skyrocketed due to inflation, leading to the cost of certain dishes to increase too. 

Inflation from March to June 2022 in New Zealand increased 1.7 per cent and the inflation rate year on year is 7.3 per cent, compared to 6.9 per cent for the previous quarter, according to Rate Inflation. 

Stats NZ reports In March the average price of 91 petrol in New Zealand was $3.05 per litre before dropping 25 per cent. 

The price for the construction of new dwellings also increased 18 percent in March. 

Similarly to Australia, the increasing cost of imports pushed up food prices. 

What is the rate of inflation in New Zealand?

The Consumer Price Index for New Zealand is 1161 for the month of June 2022. 

The inflation rate year over year is 7.3% (compared to 6.9% for the previous quarter). Inflation from March 2022 to June 2022 was 1.7%.

Prices for the construction of new dwellings increased 18 percent in the March 2022 quarter compared with the March 2021 quarter, the largest increase recorded since the series began in 1985. 

The next largest contribution to the annual inflation was from the transport group, influenced by higher prices for petrol and second-hand cars. 

In March the average price of 91 petrol in New Zealand was $3.05 per litre before dropping 25 per cent. 

Sources: Rate Inflation & Stats NZ 

Earlier this year Australians noticed some restaurants are beginning to charge $1 per lettuce leaf for san choy bow dishes.

Journalist Jacqueline Felgate shared a photo on Instagram of a receipt that listed the food purchased from a restaurant in Melbourne. 

On it the san choy bow cost $18 and a $1 lettuce leaf cup was added as an additional purchase – despite being the key requirement to eat the Chinese meal. 

A photo of a restaurant recipe showed the customer paid $1 for a lettuce cup with their san boy bow dish – despite lettuce leaf being the key requirement to eat the Chinese meal (pictured) 

What is causing inflation in 2022?

Inflation is on the increase around the world, with food and energy prices hitting record highs. 

Factors contributing to inflation in 2022: 

Demand and supply issues 

Consequences of the war

Oil and petrol prices 

Source: World Economic Forum

‘Lettuce now being charged separately in some Melbourne restaurants,’ Jacqueline captioned the image. 

At the moment the price of iceberg lettuce has increased to as much as $11.99 each, and the cost of other vegetables have also spiked. 

The image quickly gained attention from other social media users who couldn’t believe individual lettuce leaves were being sold, but others sympathised with the business owners. 


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