'Safety first!' The shocking safety violations people make

‘Safety first!’ The shocking safety violations people make – Talktalk News

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That won’t pass health and safety! Bizarre and dangerous shortcuts at work will leave you baffledSafety violations at work are a common thing across the globeHere, a gallery of shocking images show the crazy risks people takeWith possible consequences, many of these images could have ended badly 

We’ve all tried to cut safety corners on jobs, whether it’s saving money or time, or simply doing some DIY ourselves. 

But some take it that step further, and choose to play with luck and see where ignoring all they know about safety and seriously risk their lift doing the craziest things in order to simply get the job done.   

And here, these snaps, shared online from people around the world, show how many risks we’re all willing to take. 

Collected by Bored Panda, these pictures show the craziest safety violations.

From balancing on a ladder between two other ladders, to hoisting a car up with gym equipment, FEMAIL look at the most extreme safety risks…

Should have gone into engineering! This pioneering builder attached several ladders together to create this unsteady frame, in a photo shared online by an American Reddit user 

Let’s hope it doesn’t break! This man, living in the US, is putting a lot of trust in this makeshift hoist for his car

Don’t look down! This man working in Kuala Lumpur was given the unenviable task of fixing an air-con unit on the side of a 28th storey apartment 

Hanging in the balance: This US construction worker created a series of balance beams to reach the job… and only has to hope they don’t buckle under the weight

Approach with caution: A Canadian Reddit user shared this photo of a toilet with ladders balanced precariously on a toilet seat 

Try another door! An ‘Exit’ sign as well as a padlocked door doesn’t bode well during an emergency

Nothing to see here! Just a man on top of a stack of pallets raised by a forklift as he changes the bulb on a street light

Don’t worry! An employee thought it best to warn passing trade not to touch the boxes if they want to escape injury free. The photo was shared on social media by someone in the US

Get down from there! A North American warehouse worker snapped this photo of very unsafe working practices 

I’ve got you: This man on an apartment block in Malta looks like he’s holding a frisbee in one hand, while holding the life of his colleague on a leash in another 

Well, at least it’s secure! Let’s hope no one ever needs this buoy, snapped in an American town, in an emergency 

Thinking outside the box: Trying to reach those awkward corners is always annoying. This man in an American town uses the back end of his truck to get that few meters higher on his ladder

Oh, the irony! With safety always on the minds of every employer, the driver of this fork lift must have had an emergency. The photo was shared on social media by a US user

Stairway to silliness! Some safety risks are understandable… this one by a US maintenance worker is not 

Look at the bigger picture: This American worker has made sure to wear a sunhat to work but completely disregards his own safety while balancing his ladder

Award for bravery! Safety rules here have been thrown out of the window and sheer guts have prevailed


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