Royal book claims Meghan lived apart from Trevor Engelson

Royal book claims Meghan lived apart from Trevor Engelson – Talktalk News

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Meghan Markle lived 2,000 miles apart from her first husband and told friends she didn’t want to be ‘possessed’, an explosive new book has claimed.

Tom Bower wrote in Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors, that the then-actress, who was sailing to stardom on TV show Suits, saw her role as a potential ‘get-out card’ if necessary from her relationship with Trevor Engelson.

The couple, who met in a bar in West Hollywood in 2004, had been together for six years when Meghan got her big break as Rachel Zane in the legal drama.

According to the author, the first few years of the relationship were bliss, with Meghan barely able to ‘keep her hands off’ her film producer boyfriend.

Author Tom Bower reported Meghan Markle nicknamed her first husband Trevor Engelson ‘Trevity-Trev-Trev’

Bower claimed Meghan, who played Rachel Zane in legal drama Suits, stayed in Toronto after filming, while Trevor remained in LA, because she didn’t want to be ‘possessed’ 

She even reportedly gave him the affectionate nickname ‘Trevity-Trev-Trev.’ 

After years of struggling to find stardom living in LA with Trevor, Meghan filmed the pilot for Suits in 2010 in New York, US.

When the show was picked up for 12 episodes in early 2011, it was announced production would take place in Toronto instead, to save money.

According to Bower, Meghan was the only cast member who was pleased about the decision and wanted to live in the Canadian capital rather than commute back and forth from LA where Trevor was still living.

The author wrote: ‘To the producers’ bemusement, Meghan was keen to set up her permanent home in Toronto rather than commute like all the other actors from Los Angeles.’

Bower claimed that when Suits was picked up by a television network, but it was announced filming would take place in Toronto, Meghan was pleased

He also revealed Meghan decided to stay in Toronto in November, even after filming had ended.

‘Leaving Los Angeles and Trevor, Meghan told the producers, was not a downside,’ he wrote.

However, Bower claimed one friend heard Meghan describe her first husband as ‘super cheesy’.

Bower wrote: ‘Although Meghan could commit herself to Trevor, she did not like being possessed.’

He added: ‘If necessary, Suits was her get-out card from the relationship.’

In a later chapter of Revenge, Bower claimed Trevor was able to sense the emotional distance in the relationship and proposed in Belize.

Other bombshells from the book claim Meghan allegedly made the Duchess of Cambridge cry leading up to her wedding to Prince Harry in a row over bridesmaids dresses – a claim that Meghan has denied.

Bower wrote that Kate Middleton ‘burst into tears’ after Meghan ‘compared Princess Charlotte unfavourably to her best friend Jessica Mulroney’s daughter’.

The claims are the latest in a long line of disputed accounts over an alleged disagreement between Meghan and Kate over bridesmaids dresses.

Speaking to Oprah Winfrey about the incident in an explosive interview last year, the Duchess of Sussex said: ‘She (Kate) was upset about something, but she owned it, and she apologised. And she brought me flowers.’

Appearing on Good Morning Britain to discuss his book, Bower said Meghan had warned those closest to her not to speak to him.

He said: ‘She made it pretty clear to all her friends and people who work for her not to talk to me, so it was quite an uphill struggle but I got enough people to speak to me, more than enough, I got about 80 people.’

Presenter Ben Shephard how the story could be an unbiased account if the author had interviewed people who dislike the Duchess of Sussex. 

Bower responded: ‘Because I sifted through, I never put in stuff that isn’t true and can’t be checked.

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