Professional selfie coach shares eight tips for taking the

Professional selfie coach shares eight tips for taking the – Talktalk News

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Christine Buzan has shared some tips to help people snap the ‘perfect selfie’ to wow Instagram followers.

Here, FEMAIL reveals her top suggestions…  

Tip 1: Lighting is Everything

‘Lighting has the ability to instantly transform the way you look in front of the camera. Poor lighting draws attention to wrinkles and fine lines and can give the illusion that you’re tired or look years older than you actually are.

‘Complimentary lighting illuminates your skin, making it appear softer and minimizing wrinkles.

‘Avoid taking backlit photos that are in front of a window, in direct, midday sunlight, or under fluorescent lighting. Opt instead for natural light facing a window, shade, overcast skies, or golden hour.’

Tip 2: Choose A More Neutral Camera Angle

‘Often individuals tend to go very high with their camera angles to obscure a double chin, or very low, which makes it look like your forward facing camera was turned on accidentally.

‘Both of these mistakes make the subject look dated. Opt for keeping the lens between nose and eyebrow height for a more neutral, and natural look.’

Tip 3: Don’t Depend on Your Phone, Learn Your Face’s Best Angles

‘My students often say that they don’t like the way they look when other people take their photo.

‘I’ve found that this is often because they are relying on the angle in which they hold their phone, rather than learning how to pose their face. It’s key that you know you’re face’s “good side” and best angles.’

Tip 4: Relax Your Face

‘It’s easy to get tense when you’re in front of the camera, because it can feel really unnatural and daunting.

‘There are three key places we hold tension: our hands, jaws, and eyes. Two of these are on your face, so it’s important to make sure that you keep them relaxed while taking selfies.

‘Shake out your face, loosen up, and be sure to take breaks in between snaps.’

Tip 5: Press Your Forehead Toward the Camera Lens

‘It may sound and feel silly, but push your forehead toward the camera lens. It will elongate your neck, minimize a double chin, and help you look more connected to the camera.’

Tip 6: Don’t Say Cheese

‘Since we were young, we’ve been told to say “Cheese!” for photos. However, the shape your mouth makes when you’re bearing down on the “-se!” part of the word becomes very unflattering, almost like a grimace.

‘Instead, I tell myself students to say “Hey-” “Money” or just “Cheee”. Try out all three and see what works best for you.’

Tip 7: Smile Using Your Eyes As Well As Your Mouth

‘Nothing ruins a photo quite like a deer in the headlight gaze! Don’t forget to smile with your eyes. Even if you’re posing with a relaxed mouth, it’s important to engage your eyes.’

Tip 8: Practice

‘No one is born photogenic, it’s a skill that is learned overtime that you can improve upon with practice. The truth is, the more you practice, the better you’ll be come. And the better you become, the more you’ll enjoy it!’


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