Princess Charlotte waves from the back of helicopter as

Princess Charlotte waves from the back of helicopter as – Talktalk News

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Princess Charlotte arrived at the Commonwealth Games in style – being flown into Birmingham in a helicopter by her father Prince William.

The young princess, seven, enjoyed a day of watching swimming and hockey with her parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, both 40, onTuesday. Throughout the day she delighted royal fans with her enthusiasm.

Photos showed Charlotte’s fatigue later in the day when she started to pull funny faces at her mother – no doubt reminding parents everywhere of their own children.

But although Charlotte proved she can be just like any other child, a video of the princess arriving in a helicopter reminded royal fans she is very much still a VIP.

Footage showed the Duke of Cambridge, 40, arriving in style as he landed the helicopter at Tally Ho training ground, used by West Midlands Police, on Tuesday

William looked cool and collected as he stepped out of the helicopter where a Range Rover was waiting to take him to the Commonwealth Games

People praised Prince William for his ‘perfect’ landing at the training ground 

A video on the Cobra Emergency YouTube channel shows William landing at the Tally Ho training ground centre, used by for West Midlands police, in a Bell 429 ‘GlobalRanger’ helicopter.

Eagle-eyed royal fans could just about make out Charlotte waving in her striped Rachel Riley dress with her hair in pigtails, sitting at the back of the aircraft as it landed.

Commenting on the YouTube video, people praised William for his ‘perfect’ landing. 

The Duke of Cambridge steered the chopper to a smooth landing in a football field before the family disembark and hop into a black range rover to head to the Sandwell Aquatics centre in Birmingham.

William, 40, appears to have ignored the wishes of his grandmother, The Queen, who reportedly does not like to see him flying his family around in helicopters.

Princess Charlotte, seven, gave her father a thumbs up as the Cambridges watched swimming events at the Sandwell Aquatics Centre

Charlotte stole the show throughout the day as she watched various events with her parents and the Wessexes 

The excitement of the day seemed to be a lot for the young princess, who appeared tired as events drew to a close

Last December a source told The Sun: ‘Her Majesty has told close friends and courtiers that she would like William to stop flying himself, particularly in bad weather, as helicopters are not the safest form of transport.’

The source added it made the queen ‘nervous’ and kept her awake at night.

There is already a general protocol among the royals that those in the line of succession should not fly on the same plane, in case of a disaster.

However, Prince William is a skilled pilot having trained in the RAF and frequently flies his family around in helicopters.

His skill was evident as he landed on Tuesday without a hitch.

After arriving at the Commonwealth Games 2022 with Kate and Charlotte, the Duke of Cambridge also met up with his uncle Prince Edward, 58, Sophie Wessex, 57, and his cousins Lady Louise Windsor, 18, and James Viscount Severn, 14.

The Cambridges watched the Men’s 1500m Freestyle Heats at the Sandwell Aquatics Centre before going to see the hockey.

While Charlotte, who admitted her favourite sport is gymnastics, appeared to enjoy the swimming, the seven-year-old’s attention appeared to wane when the hockey began.

The little princess stole the show in a series of hilarious photos which showed her looking a little exhausted and ready to go home.

Luckily for Charlotte, it would have been a short journey back to Kensington Palace in the chopper. 

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