People share snaps of hilarious signs that will make you

People share snaps of hilarious signs that will make you – Talktalk News

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Take notice! Irreverent signs that will capture your attention – including a vet admitting your cat doesn’t really love youOnline gallery created by LifestyleA2Z reveals hilarious signs around the worldFunny images from around the world includie a warning about a naughty catAnother features a laundry label including instructions to remove your child A takeaway in Yorkshire called Frying Nemo may well upset younger customers 

A funny sign a day, keeps the frown away – from a reminder not to breathe under water to comical truths about cats and their lofty ways. 

People all over the world have been sharing the funniest signs they’ve spotted whilst out and about.

LifestyleA2Z has rounded up some of the most attention-grabbing, including a bookstore that put up a chalk board sign saying that all current affairs reading material has been moved to the post-apocalyptic fiction section. 

Elsewhere, in the US someone couldn’t be bothered to keep updating the sign outside of their local church and kept it basic by saying: ‘Sins bad, Jesus good’. 

Here, FEMAIL has selected some of the most hilarious signs to put a smile on your face… 

No laughing matter! This sign in the US has an unfortunate illustration. The drowning stick man looks like the acronym LOL (laugh out loud)

Meow! Hiss! A veterinary group in North Carolina has got cats spot on and just wants owners to know that their furry friends will always ignore them

Stating the obvious! This British swimming pool is reminding people how to stay safe in the water…

The end of time as we know it! A book shop, which could be anywhere in the world, gives their take on the state of political and social happenings 

Phew! Car owners in the US all breathed a sigh of relief when they spotted this typo and happily parked wherever they pleased 

That’s how you do it! We wonder what happened to prompt these garment makers to create such detailed washing instructions 

Keeping it simple! In the US, this church’s sign changer has had enough of the hot weather and hard work so has used his advertisement skills to lure the congregation inside and reduce his workload 

Purr-fect! A coffee shop doesn’t want any of its customers to get a nasty surprise when their mischievous cat comes jumping on tables knocking off drinks

No judgment here! Making all welcome, this restaurant is saying if you can reach the water and want a drink, they won’t stop you 

Interesting… In Seattle, is letting the public know that when they visit the Air & Space Museum, they should expect air and space 

Dry humour! Poor Nemo… We wonder how parents in Yorkshire will explain this one to their Pixar loving kids 

Do you want milk with that? This Starbucks in Hawaii was astonished to see someone use their facility for coffee and not as an office  

It bites! Kew Gardens in London is covering all bases in regards to their fly traps – warning the public and flies themselves of the various hazards 


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