Jenna Bush Hager reunites with her daughter Mila after she

Jenna Bush Hager reunites with her daughter Mila after she – Talktalk News

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Jenna Bush Hager had a heartwarming reunion with her nine-year-old daughter, Mila, after picking her up at sleepaway camp in Texas — the same one she attended as a little girl. 

On Monday’s episode of the Today show, the host opened up about seeing her oldest child for the first time in three weeks while reflecting on the summers she spent at Camp Longhorn as a kid.

‘I saw all these friends of mine who I went to camp with how many years [ago], when I was [Mila’s] age. That was a long time ago. Thirty years ago. They were there with their kids,’ Bush Hager, 40, told her co-star Hoda Kotb. 

Jenna Bush Hager picked up her nine-year-old daughter, Mila, from Camp Longhorn in Texas over the weekend 

Mila ran and jumped into her mother’s arms after seeing her for the first time in three weeks 

The mom and her husband, Henry Hager, had planned on taking their six-year-old daughter, Poppy, when they went to pick up Mila outside of Austin over the weekend, but they ultimately decided to go themselves. 

Bush Hager shared a series of heartwarming videos of their reunion on Instagram Stories, starting with the moment Hager scooped up Mila and gave her a big hug.

‘Hi! We missed you. Oh, my girl. I’m so proud of you,’ Hager tells his daughter, who excitedly asks him, ‘Want to see my cabin?’

‘We got our girl,’ Bush Hager captioned the clip. 

Another video taken by the Today star’s friend, shows Mila running and jumping into her mother’s arms. The former first daughter included a snapshot of herself kissing a smiling Mila on the temple. 

‘I kissed her a million times,’ she wrote. 

Bush Hager traveled to Texas with her husband, Henry Hager, and they happily posed for a photo with their oldest daughter 

Bush Hager shared a video of her husband scooping up Mila and giving her a big hug

However, the sweetest moment was when they arrived home and Mila ran out of the car to hug her six-year-old sister, Poppy

However, the sweetest moment of all was when Mila was reunited with her sister, Poppy, and brother, Hal, who turns three on Tuesday. 

Mila ran out of the car to meet Poppy, and they hugged so tightly that the little girl lost her shoe. She was still holding onto her sister when she went to hug Hal. 

When Poppy went to go retrieve her shoe, Mila picked up Hal — just like her father had lifted her up at camp — and carried him into the house. 

Bush Hager told Kotb that Mila did was put beads in Poppy and Hal’s hair, saying, ‘She missed them so much.’ 

The visit to Camp Longhorn was a trip down memory lane for the former camper, who recalled how she was able to be her ‘little weird self’ there.  

‘I told Henry that when I was little I was kind of hard to understand. I liked to go act out plays by myself — a one-woman show,’ she explained, saying her husband spotted where she used to hang out. 

The girls then brought in their younger brother, Hal, for a group hug 

Mila picked up Hal, who turns three on Tuesday, and brought him into the house 

‘Henry goes, “Is that where you acted out your plays?” And I said, “Yeah, that’s where I did it.” And my friend confirmed it. She goes, “Yeah, you were a little weird, but we all liked you.” I was like, you know what, that’s OK.’ 

A few days before picking up Mila, Bush Hager shared a hilarious letter that her daughter had written to her while away. 

‘Dear Mom, are you friends with Cardi B? Like real friends with Cardi B…If so, please have her write me at camp. Love, Mila,’ the little girl wrote. 

Bush Hager noted that she asked Mila plenty of questions, but ‘all she wanted to know is what Cardi B is up to.’  

‘I had to write her back and be like, “Dear Mila, Sadly, Cardi B and I are not friends, but if I ever meet her, I’ll her to write you something,”‘ she said. 

It was Mila’s second summer in a row at sleepaway camp, but Bush Hager didn’t share too many details this time around. 

The Today host opened up about their reunion on Monday’s show, saying she saw all of her old friends with their kids at the camp

‘I can’t say anything more about it because last year I read a letter, and I got in big trouble,’ the mom explained three weeks ago. 

Last July, Bush Hager read homesick Mila’s heartbreaking letter from sleepaway camp on the show, which her daughter wasn’t pleased about. 

‘Dear Mom and Dad, I miss you. I wish I could be with you,’ Mila wrote. ‘P.S. Daddy, how much longer ’til you pick me up? I miss you too much. I need to stop crying. So goodbye. I miss you terribly, Mom and Dad.’

Bush Hager said at the time the letter reminded her of something she would have written at that age, admitting: ‘It broke my heart in a million pieces.  

She was so touched by the message that she took a picture of it and sent it to her parents, George W. and Laura Bush.  

Bush Hager said her husband was ready to drive to camp and get their homesick daughter, but she insisted she was ‘fine.’ 

Bush Hager reflected on her own time at camp, admitting she performed plays by herself

The former first daughter (pictured with her parents, George W. and Laura Bush, and her twin sister, Barbara Bush) admitted she was a ‘little weird’ 

This year, she shared some information about the summer camp itself, saying there is no electricity and campers aren’t allowed to make phone calls. 

‘It’s hot down there in Texas — 103,’ she added, saying it feels like 110 degrees. 

Bush Hager also offered up some advice for parents who are sending their kids to sleepaway camp, saying she and Mila came up with a ‘symbol’ she could give in photos to let her know she was doing OK. 

The mom suggested a peace sign and other gestures, but Mila decided she would pose with her hand on her arm if she was having a good time. 

Bush Hager said the camp posted a class picture and in it, her daughter was doing the pose they discussed. 

‘I said, Henry, “I’ve never been so happy to see a weird sign,”‘ she recalled. 

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