How to dry your clothes fast without a dryer

How to dry your clothes fast without a dryer – Talktalk News

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1. Pick the right time 

Either try to do your wash earlier in the day so it has time to take advantage of any sunlight or let it dry overnight so you have less bother with it being around the house. Plus it stands a chance of being dry when you wake up

2. Don’t overfill your washing machine 

Squashing garments in together will leave them damper at the end of the wash, so they ultimately take longer to dry.

3. Use your machine’s fastest spin programme 

You can put your wash through another spin cycle to remove any remaining excess water and to get as much moisture out as possible before taking them out of the machine.

Before you set the controls for a super-fast spin, make sure to check the clothing care label on your clothing to see whether they are up for being handled in such a frantic way.

4. Spread your clothes out evenly 

Take time to hang out your clothes, ensuring they have plenty of space so that they get plenty of air to dry. Clothes bunched together or overlapping will have trouble drying.

Make sure thicker items like jeans have room so that the sides don’t touch when they are hung over a bar (use at least two bars when using a drying rack).

5. Open everything up

Undo zips and buttons (don’t forget sleeve cuffs) and pull out trouser pockets to aid the drying process. 

6. Rotate regularly 

Check your washing to see how well it’s drying. Keep flipping it around. If one section is drying better than the rest, rotate it to allow the other parts to dry.

Pay special attention to areas such as cuffs and underarms, which take longer to dry.

7. Pick the right room 

It’s important to ensure that the room your clothes are drying in is well ventilated. This will not only help to prevent damp and mould but also your clothes will dry quicker.

Opened windows are the best way to get fresh air circulating through your home (even if it’s cold outside).

8. Avoid drying clothes in busy areas 

Don’t dry clothes in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or anywhere in the house where you spend a lot of time as the dampness of the clothes is detrimental to the air quality and may also encourage mildew or mould.

If drying your clothes makes a condensation problem worse, consider using a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture levels. 

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