FaceGym's microneedling treatment tool that will give you

FaceGym’s microneedling treatment tool that will give you – Talktalk News

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Meet FaceGym’s £55 microneedling treatment tool that will give you the glowiest skin of your LIFE – it requires zero downtime and is safe to use at home

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Any beauty fan will be familiar with FaceGym and their revolutionary skincare tools inspired by their iconic facial workouts, so when we heard the British brand was launching a new targeted skin treatment, we had to learn more.

Meet FaceGym’s Active Rollers 2-in-1 skincare microneedling tool (£55) that will give you the glowiest skin of your life, and it requires zero downtime, is painless and can be safely used at home.

Even better, MailOnline readers can exclusively shop the skincare device 24 hours early by following this just-for-you link.

This is not your average microneedling device. It’s designed to make products reach deep into the skin.

Highly-potent active ingredients are crystallized to form advanced dissolving microneedles.

Each roller head contains over 3,000 active-infused microneedles, which dissolve rapidly into the skin on contact, creating painless microchannels, around 0.25mm in depth, for direct delivery of the ingredients into the epidermis. 


Get the glowiest skin of your LIFE: Hydrate your skin on a deeper level with the Brightening Active Roller, containing a potent trilogy of crystallized Vitamin C, Tranexamic Acid and Licorice Root Extract

For those who aren’t familiar with microneedling, it is a cosmetic procedure that involves rolling super-tiny needles over the skin, and it has almost endless capabilities.

Stimulating the skin’s natural healing response, it kickstarts collagen and elastin production, healing acne scars, smoothing out any uneven skin texture, reducing hyperpigmentation and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

But unlike typical in-salon microneedling tools, the at-home FaceGym Active Rollers feature over 3,000 dissolving microneedles infused with specific skincare ingredients which dissolve rapidly into the skin on contact. All while delivering the same benefits.

Creating painless microchannels, around 0.25mm in depth, the skincare device directly delivers the ingredients into the outermost layer of the skin without any downtime.

Clean, simple and chic: the Active Roller base can be used oover and over again if you change the heads. It’s possible to buy a four-pack of heads for £55

The targeted skincare treatment is available in Brightening, Youthful or Hydrating options, all harnessing specific ingredients to effectively treat fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, dark spots, and more.

And there’s no questioning the FaceGym Active Rollers’ effectiveness, as 95 per cent of users agreed their skin looks revitalised, feels plumper and is more even-toned after using the new Brightening Active Roller in a user trial.

Eternal youth: The Youthful Active roller is developed with powerful actives including retinol-like Phytoretinol Reneseed, Niacinamide and Green Tea

Plus, 95 per cent agreed their skin was firmer, and 89 per cent agreed their skin looks fresher and younger after putting the new Youthful Active Roller to the test. Impressive, huh?

If you’re looking for plumper, brighter, youthful-looking skin, shop FaceGym’s Active Rollers online here 24 hours before anyone else – your skin will thank you. 

How to give yourself a FaceGym workout at home 

• Step 1: Use on clean, dry skin – roll around the face using light pressure and slow motion to stimulate blood flow and circulation. Focus on key areas to plump and boost ingredient penetration, covering the area in multiple directions using the ‘hashtag method’. Place the roller head upright in a glass or resting in the roller head packaging, ensuring no cross contamination to your roller head.

• Step 2: Apply a generous amount of FaceGym Hydro bound serum – or any other serum – to the face and neck, which will help to dissolve the crystallized actives in the roller

• Step 3: Repeat the process around the face using Light – medium pressure this time, to ensure the crystallized serum dissolves into the skin. After 5 minutes the roller head will have dissolved and your treatment is complete. Discard the used roller head after use.

Source: FaceGym 


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