Debate erupts over Coles shopper who bought out their

Debate erupts over Coles shopper who bought out their – Talktalk News

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An Aussie mum has copped criticism from shoppers after she bought every single block of discounted butter at the supermarket. 

The Coles customer came across a 500g pack of butter for just $1.88 marked down from $7.50 at her local Central Coast store and purchased the lot. 

She shared her find to popular Facebook group Markdown Addicts Australia dividing members with some impressed by the bargain while others said she should have left some for others. 

A shopper has copped backlash online for buying all the marked down butter at her local Coles with many saying she should have left some for people who may be struggling financially

The woman, who is a keen baker and uses a lot of butter, attracted more than 1,100 ‘likes’ on her post and sparked a lively debate with dozens of comments.

The post was flooded with comments from disgruntled shoppers who say they ‘would have left some’ for others. 

‘I would have left some, as there are many people struggling, good find,’ one person quipped.  


Do you think the mum should have left some marked-down butter for others?

‘During these hard times and so many people doing it tough I would have left some for someone else. But that’s just me,’ another said. 

‘I left ALL the meat. Shelves and shelves of it. I bake ALOT so the butter is great for me,’ the home baker responded. 

Group moderators had to delete some nasty replies and eventually bar members from commenting anymore. 

However, not everyone was unhappy about the Lake Haven woman’s butter haul with many jumping to her defence and complimenting her ‘great score’

‘I would have taken them all, I love a bargain and this is something that gets used daily in my house so you bet if I seen them I’d take em all too!,’ one mum said. 

‘I definitely would have taken them all I make cakes every weekend and butter is expensive.,’ agreed another. 

What’s the best time to shop for discounts at a supermarket?

In the morning – shoppers can save between 10 and 20% off goods about to expire

Before dinner – shoppers can save up to 50% off goods about to expire

Just before the store closes – shoppers can save up to 90% off goods about to expire 

* Markdowns are determined based on store policies and times and may vary

‘Finding markdown bargains comes down to ‘right place, right time’. Items are marked down to sell quickly. If you buy them all, to keep yourself or share with family/friends, does not need to be justified,’ a third wrote.

Even a supermarket employee chimed in and applauded her for buying all the butter. 

‘We hate having to bin products so if you see it, buy it! We don’t care how much you buy (unless there is a limit for some reason), take it all! Right place, right time,’ they said. 

This isn’t the first time a shopper has been slammed as ‘greedy’ for ‘hogging’ marked-down groceries. 

Aussie mum Sara, from Bundaberg, Queensland, bought $270 worth of meat for a mere $57, which included 10 packets of 500g pork mince, four packets of forequarter lamb chops and salmon, along with corn, chicken pieces and 3kg of prawns (pictured)

Sara, from Bundaberg, Queensland, bought $270 worth of meat for a mere $57, which included 10 packets of 500g pork mince, four packets of forequarter lamb chops and salmon, along with corn, chicken pieces and 3kg of prawns.

The social media post quickly received several nasty comments criticising Sara for taking ‘too much’ and not leaving enough reduced food products for others ‘in need’.

With inflation causing the cost of living to skyrocket, more customers are turning to searching for ‘markdowns’ in supermarkets.

A Coles employee left a comment, stating the supermarket also reduces meat regularly but it doesn’t last long in stores 

Some parents believe Sara should’ve ‘shared’ the food buys with others, rather than taking it all for herself

As more people complained, Sarah issued a response by updating the caption: ‘To all the nasty people, the lady working was being super friendly to me, giving me nice discounts, I suppose because I was using manners and being super nice.

‘I don’t understand why all the negative comments, yes I understand, jealousy s*cks. But I am not being greedy, I left plenty for others.

She continued: ‘I was letting other shoppers know that the staff member was discounting meat and by the time we had left the store, she had a group of people surrounding her.’

Sara claims to have only took what she knew her family could afford, as she and her partner have just sold two cars in order to have enough money for a home deposit.

‘You don’t know our story, next month we may be homeless,’ she claims.

‘So shove your negative thought in your own backside and move along unless you have a positive comment to say. And happy budgeting people.’

Sara claims she hadn’t seen major meat reductions since before Covid hit Australia in 2020.  

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