Cringe-worthy signs show how NOT to use quotation marks

Cringe-worthy signs show how NOT to use quotation marks – Talktalk News

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‘You don’t get it!’ Hilarious signs prove some people have NO idea how to use quotation marksQuotation marks can really change the meaning of signs when used incorrectly¬†Gallery of pictures show the results of incorrect emphasis of inverted commas¬†With cringe-worthy results, these signs show the dangers of incorrect quotes

The incorrect use of quotation marks can often be the difference between a innocent comment and something wildly offensive.

And these cringe-worthy signs, shared online by people around the world, show how misusing inverted commas can grab attention for all the wrong reasons.

Collated by Bored Panda, the collection of pictures illustrate that when it comes to quotation marks, just their very presence can be baffling, concerning, and somewhat hilarious.

From an ornament insisting it has been placed in a ‘happy home’ to a toy machine insisting that there is a ‘guaranteed’ win every time, FEMAIL look at the most humorous signs with a totally inappropriate use of quotation marks…

Not the sweetest sign: This note left some American customers unsure as to whether they should purchase the ‘clear out candies’

Are you sure? The emphasis on ‘GOOD’ in this British school’s sign could potentially make parents doubt just how great the place is

Who are you trying to fool? This ‘electric fence’ on a North American farm looks anything but

The quotation marks on this cake seemingly make a person question whether their father is their actual ‘dad’

The collection of images also includes this ornament insisting it has been placed in a ‘happy home’

Confusing descriptions: Customers at this diner were left puzzled about just what kind of milk would be used in the milkshake

Undercover: If there is one thing that shouldn’t be ambiguous, it’s the law, yet these quotations appear to put the ‘make a difference’ statement in doubt on this US vehicle

Not a soup we’re rushing to try! Diners suggested they would be avoiding this dish due to the extra use of quotation marks

‘So’ loved and ‘never’ forgotten: Some social media users noted that this sign’s use of quotation marks made the emotions described seem not as sincere

‘Grandma baked a cake for the team but her use of punctuation made it sound sarcastic’, revealed on Twitter user when sharing the above image

This sign for Covid-19 testing left some people feeling suspicious over whether the results given at the building would be accurate

That’s hard to believe: A toy machine sign insists that there is a ‘guaranteed’ win every time when played

This church’s sign appeared rather eerie after saying there was a free trip to ‘heaven’ available, with details to be found ‘inside’

Who do they think is really being cleaned up after? Social media users were left in hysterics over this sign’s incorrect use of quotation marks


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