Bizarre designs that will baffle you, including a leaning

Bizarre designs that will baffle you, including a leaning – Talktalk News

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Back to the drawing board! Bizarre architecture decisions will leave you baffled – from a bright pink mansion to a miniature Leaning Tower of Pisa shop frontBored Panda created a baffling gallery of design fails from around the worldAmong the questionable creations are a fuchsia mansion and prison-like hotelMeanwhile one very outlandish building features a Tower of Pisa replica

Architectures like to take risks but these bizarre design decisions prove those risks don’t always pay off. 

Social media users from around the world snapped the strangest buildings they’ve spotted and submitted them to the C****y Cheapo Architecture Twitter account. The best examples were collated in a gallery by Bored Panda.  

Among the biggest style faux pas are a Nigerian home featuring very strangely placed pillars.

Meanwhile, a Sydney mansion valued in excess of $2 million boasts an unusual characteristic – its exterior is painted entirely in fuchsia.

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the most baffling design fails… 

Standing out from the crowd: This novelty shop in Lahijan, Iran, has truly committed to its wacky theme, embedding a full Leaning Tower of Pisa into the storefront 

Locked up: Many people want a hotel to feel like a home away from home, somewhere to relax and enjoy a little luxury. This London hotel, which has been likened to a prison, won’t fit the bill

Barbie’s dream house! This Sydney mansion, valued in excess of $2 million, has split online opinions. While some find the fuchsia somewhat bright, others appreciate that it’s something different from your average dull house colour

Defying gravity: Nothing gives a home that elegant, classical, luxury vibe like ancient-style pillars. Apart from in this Nigerian home. Not only are they an eyesore, they aren’t even properly centred 

Your own private kingdom: This Turkish estate features a unique design concept: hundreds of ‘castle’ style buildings, built too close together, stretching as far as the eye can see

CGI: Some have noted that this building in San Francisco, bears an almost uncanny resemblance to something you might design while playing The Simms

Memorable for all the wrong reasons: This home in Nigeria certainly makes a statement, although as some social media commentators have noted, they aren’t quite sure what that statement is…

Hear ye, hear ye! The Grandville Castle apartment complex in Grandville, Michigan, takes its inspiration from Neuschwanstein Castle, a 19th-century German palace

Beam me up, Scotty! This family home in California is another which has prompted mixed responses among social media users, with some saying they are ‘confounded’ by the intricate design, but others enjoying the futuristic look

Stopped in their tracks: One Twitter user couldn’t understand why there were so many materials used in building this block in Chicago

Blending materials: Can’t decide between corrugated metal, grey brick, paintwork, or stone? Why not follow this home designer’s lead, and just combine them all?

More IS more! The person behind this unusual design decided to add a mismatched roof to the top of the building 

This extension, which was very clearly added to the original building at a later date, has left viewers with questions. Mainly ‘why?’


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