Australian mum's warning after her robotic vacuum destroyed

Australian mum’s warning after her robotic vacuum destroyed – Talktalk News

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‘It is a total massacre!’ Mum’s robot vacuum RUINS one of her treasured houseplants – and she’s not aloneA plant lover has told of how her robot vacuum ‘attacked’ her string of hearts The mum said the plant slipped off the shelf and the vacuum pulled off its vinesThankfully she was able to salvage the remains to propagate an regrow the plant She shared her grief on Facebook and many said the same thing happen to themOne woman said her robot vacuum ‘ate up’ some expensive aquarium plants

An Australian mum has been left devastated after her robot vacuum destroyed her string of hearts plant – and her experience is not the first. 

The plant lover said while she was out the vacuum cleaner ‘attacked’ her treasured strings of hearts ripping out the vines. 

‘It’s a sad day. My chain of hearts must have slipped off the shelf and my robovac tried to clean it up. I’m devastated. Hopefully can propagate the remnants,’ she wrote in a post to popular Facebook group Crazy Indoor Plant People Australia. 

An Australian plant lover has shared her grief online after her robotic vacuum destroyed her beloved string of hearts

The mum said she managed to save most of the remnants from the vacuum and hopes she can propagate and regrow them

The heartbroken plant enthusiast managed to salvage the majority of the remains in hope she can propagate and grow them back.  

Hundreds of the group’s 157,100 members sympathised in the comments while many shared similar stories of the popular cleaning gadget ruining their indoor gardens. 

‘Ohhhh nooo. This post is a rollercoaster of emotions. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry or both,’ one woman wrote to which the poster responded: ‘I did both’. 

‘My robot vac prefers to eat cat poo and smear that everywhere. Although it did eat some expensive aquarium plants I had in a tub that the cat knocked down… like you I saves most of it but some were eaten totally,’ another laughed. 

Many more plant enthusiasts came forward with similar store of robotic vacuum cleaners ‘attacking’ their indoor gardens 

Another shared her swiss cheese vine ‘victim’ that got been caught in a robotic vacuum and spilled its soil all over the carpet

One plant lover recalled a time the same thing happened to her when the gadget dragged the entire plant as well as the soil across the house in a ‘total massacre’. 

Another shared her swiss cheese vine ‘victim’ that got been caught in a robotic vacuum and spilled its soil all over the carpet.

‘You’re not the first and you won’t be the last,’ a third replied with an image of her string of hearts vines caught in her automatic hoover. 

‘This happened to me a few weeks ago,’ a fourth related and another commented: ‘I’ve had this happen…’. 

Others used the mum’s experience to make sure their own plants were kept safe from wrecked by their vacuums.


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