Amazing optical illusions from around the world that will

Amazing optical illusions from around the world that will – Talktalk News

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Made you look! These optical illusion snaps will definitely make you question what you’re has rounded up best optical illusions  from around the worldSnap of 1600 Smith Street in Houston, Texas , looks like building is totally flatDead snapdragons look like mnini withered skulls on a branchUS gamer looked as if he’d merged with his canine companion  

They say that the camera doesn’t lie, but sometimes a photo taken at just the right moment can trick you into seeing something that’s not really there. has rounded up a selection of snaps taken by people from around the world that will definitely make you stop and take a closer look. 

Among the optical illusion images are several buildings that look completely flat, giving the impression that they’re a cardboard cutout against the skyline, rather than 3D structures. 

Elsewhere, a woman at a German airport looked like she had multiple limbs after sitting next to someone wearing the same dark jeans and trainers. 

And a US gamer looked like they had merged with their canine companion who couldn’t resist posing for the camera. 

This snap of 1600 Smith Street in Houston, Texas makes it look like the building, which was erected in 1984, is completely flat , apart from the roof 

Hair of the dog! This US gamer and their furry friend looked like they had merged into one 

Floral horror! These dead snapdragons look like they are mini skulls growing on the branch 

My what a big body you have! This snap of two dogs out for a walk created a rather strange optical illusion whilst out and about the UK

I’d walk through fire for you! It looked like this US man was set alight – and was pretty calm about it – as he shook hands with a friend

How many people am I looking at? This snap of a US woman leaning over her boyfriend’s shoulder makes it look like he ‘s perched across the back on the chair with his girlfriend’s body 

Seem leg-it! A woman sitting beside a companion at a German airport with similar jeans and trainers on made it look like she had a few extra limbs 

This family are having a great time at a water park in the US, until you notice the flooding on the road making a bus advert look real

I can fly: This woman in China captured the shot just at the right moment, giving the illusion that she’s a real life Tinkerbell

A case of art being true to life as this US Labrador yawns right next to a portrait of another dog, possibly himself, also yawning

The Statue of Liberty in New York looks like it’s holding a flame thrower, thanks to this well-timed image during a storm 

Doorie Darko! An employee in the US was convinced his manager’s door has an image of the rabbit from the cult Jake Gyllenhaal film on it  

Two faced – this US couple created optical magic with a selfie and a mirror behind them – making this woman look as if she has the capabilities of an owl

Paws for a minute and you can see the spirit of this Japanese cat leaving its body – or maybe it’s just a well-timed leap and a snap happy owner? 

This US dog owner reckons their pet’s ear looks like a baboon when flopped over and if you look closely you can see it


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