Outdoorsmen vs. Outdoorsmen Outsiders: Here’s the Difference.

When you think of an outdoorsy person, you probably imagine someone trudging up a mountain in worn hiking boots or camping in the wilderness. But what if you love being outdoors but without all the mess and effort?

Then you may be an “outsider”.

As travel content creator Sam Cormier, who goes by @samanthas_suitcase on Instagram, says, “An ‘outsider’ is someone who truly enjoys being outside, but without the effort.”

“Someone who would rather enjoy the view from a terrace or roadside lookout than climb up to see something,” he told Talk News. “I think there’s a difference between ‘outdoors’ and ‘outdoors’. ‘Outdoors’ for me is kayaking, while ‘outside’ is sitting by the river having a picnic while watching other people kayaking. I’d rather have a picnic.”

Cormier himself did not coin the term “outsider”. But after seeing several posts on the topic, he created an Instagram account with his own examples of what it means to be an outsider. Since being posted in December, the video has gone viral and has been viewed 23 million times and counting.

“I want to see beautiful mountains but from a roadside perspective. I want to eat outside but on a restaurant terrace,” he wrote in the post. “I wanted to go for a walk through the woods but it was less than a mile and nice and flat. I want to sit next to a campfire in the woods, but then sleep in a hotel.”

Cormier’s father was an outdoorsman and loved camping, he said. When he’s at camp, he prefers to stop in, eat a burger, and relax by the fire.

“But then I want to go home,” he said.

"Drinks in the remote countryside, but in an English pub," Cormier captioned this image. “Drinks in the remote countryside, but in an English pub,” Cormier captioned this image.

Another thing that differentiates people who like to do outdoor activities from people who like to do outdoor activities? How do you feel about looking for waterfalls.

“Why is the best waterfall at the end of a 10 mile hike?” Cormier said. “People who love outdoor activities will take up the challenge and spend the whole day to reach the waterfall. ‘Outside’ people will be satisfied knowing that they will never see the falls with their own eyes and will happily seek out another waterfall closer to the parking lot.”

Travel expert Katrina Morrison, owner of Mocha Travel, says she also considers herself an outsider.

“Living in a big city like Atlanta, it’s much more convenient to be active outside than outdoors. “Many restaurants and venues are also adding terraces and rooftops to attract people who enjoy a more natural setting,” he told Talk News.

In her city, she enjoys The Roof at Ponce City Market for some fun “outside vibes.”

“And when the sun goes down, the views of the city are simply beautiful!” he added.

Ultimately, you should enjoy nature in whatever way you like best, Cormier says.

“I have a lot of respect for people who spend their weekends in a tent 22 miles from the highway because the lake at the end of the road is worth the effort. But it’s not for everyone,” he said. “Some of us just want to see the beauty of the world in a more accessible way. And sometimes it’s just on the terrace with a drink, a beautiful view, and the city nearby.”

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