This beastly off-road EV is designed to save lives in an emergency

The latest Mk1 version of Munro may be an all-terrain vehicle but that’s the fun the company is chasing. The Scottish EV startup has already designed the third version of its all-electric MK1 4×4 truck, this time specifically designed for emergency rescue and firefighting teams that require off-roading capabilities.

Munro has already received more than 200 orders for its original MK1 4×4 electric truck, which we first heard about in December 2022. While the Scottish EV maker is only starting production of its Mk1 this year, it has already released two other variants for the Mk1. In addition to the newly announced Mountain Rescue Edition, Munro is also offering a pickup version of its fully electric truck.

Munro added lights to the roof of the Mk1 for better visibility in rescue scenarios.


life saving additions

As for the MK1 Mountain Rescue Edition, the all-electric truck was built for emergency responders who need access to all-terrain capabilities. Munro installed blue lights on the roof of the Mk1 for better visibility and adapted the bed of the truck to fit a full-size stretcher with three passengers carrying emergency kit gear. Like the rear of the ambulance, mountain rescuers will be able to provide assistance in the rear of the Mk1 Mountain Rescue version.

As far as specs are concerned, this variant will match other MK1 models that reach up to 190 miles of range and can charge as fast as 30 minutes. The MK1 is designed for commercial use and can reach a top speed of 80 mph, but has a carrying capacity of 2,200 pounds and a towing capacity of 7,700 pounds, due to it having more than 516 pound-feet of torque. Torque is full.

A stretcher and emergency responders can be fitted in the back of the Mk1 Mountain Rescue version.


made for the mountains

Munro hasn’t revealed pricing or availability details with the Mountain Rescue Edition, but its Mk1 base model currently starts at around £60,000, or about $74,000. For its more premium performance version, prices start closer to $104,000 but it comes with more range and more torque.

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