Larry David Explains Why Restraining Your Enthusiasm Is Really Over Now

Larry David doubles down on the bittersweet fact that Curb Your Enthusiasm is over.

The beloved star and creator made the announcement in December and it sparked some very sad reactions. However, when asked at the premiere why the show’s 12th season would be its last, he hilariously responded: “Because I said so.”

“I’m not lying,” David told The Hollywood Reporter on the red carpet on Wednesday in reference to the confused reaction. “People think I’m lying – I’m not a liar. OK, yeah, 15 years ago, I said this was the last season — that’s what I said when I felt like I wasn’t going to make another season. But, here it is.”

Curb, which tells the story of a fictional version of David, has been HBO’s flagship series since it premiered in 2000. The series ditches the three-camera sitcom aesthetic of David’s Seinfeld and takes a documentary-style approach that only complements the premise.

The premise hilariously concerns David’s rejection of countless social norms and his interpersonal spats with a number of celebrities who portray exaggerated versions of themselves. Even though this has been an appointment for millions of people, David said goodbye.

David and his "Control" her co-stars attended the Season 12 premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday.David and his “Curb” co-stars attended the Season 12 premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

“I will now have the opportunity to finally let go of the ‘Larry David’ persona and become the person God intended me to be — I was a caring, kind, considerate, caring human being until I slipped up playing this evil character,” he wrote in December .

David previously took a long hiatus from the show in 2011 with no firm renewal date before returning in 2017. Even his co-stars weren’t sure, as Susie Essman told the Reporter that David had vowed to retire “since Season 1.”

David told Variety’s Marc Malkin, “Yeah, I said it before, but I wasn’t 76 when I said it.”

Although it seemed like the end, Essman and David’s on-screen wife, Cheryl Hines, were satisfied with the conclusion – which David said he only broke while filming “earlier this season.” As for what his plans are for retirement, David can’t hold back.

“I don’t know, I’m going to my office,” he told the Reporter, “I’m going around.”

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