Kieran Culkin Talks About What It Was Like Working With His Famous Ex

Kieran Culkin has no qualms about working with famous exes.

The Succession actor recently joined forces with his ex-girlfriend, Emma Stone, for the duo’s new film, A Real Pain.

While Kieran starred in the film, Emma produced it through her production company, Fruit Tree.

“She’s great,” Kieran said of Emma during an interview with E! News’ The Rundown at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, where A Real Pain premiered. “He’s a really extraordinary person.”

He also said there are unexpected benefits to working with someone you know well on a project like a film, where you can face a lot of unknowns.

“It’s fun because you walk into a job and often you don’t really know anyone,” says Kieran. “But in this case, when it came in, I was like, ‘Oh, OK, at least that part is taken care of.’”

Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin photographed together in 2009Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin photographed together in 2009

Bruce Glikas via Getty Images

Kieran told Rolling Stone in an interview earlier this month that he found it “funny” to think of the Oscar winner as his “ex.”

“To me, he is just a good friend of me and my wife. He’s beautiful and great,” she said of the actor she dated from 2010 to 2011.

“I met him when the rocket took off. I was right at the beginning of a big launch; I got to witness everything firsthand,” added Kieran.

“And I remember at that time I was a little more aware of the direction he was going than he was. He’d be like, ‘Oh my God! I just got this opportunity…’ And I’d say, ‘Yeah, but of course you got it! Everyone loves you and you’re great’.”

Emma is married to Dave McCary, a comedian and director who once worked for Saturday Night Live, where the two met. The two share one child together, a daughter named Louise Jean McCary, who was born in March 2021.

Kieran married his wife, Jazz Charton, in 2013. They have two children together: daughter Kinsey Sioux and son Wilder Wolf.

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