Jay-Z Calls Out Grammys For Previous Beyoncé Slurs

Jay-Z was a surprise guest at Sunday night’s Grammys, where he received one of the awards show’s highest honors.

The pioneering rapper is the latest recipient of the Global Impact Award, receiving the title alongside his eldest daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

While on stage, Jay reflected on some of the artists from the hip-hop world who came before him and “opened doors.”

As his four-minute speech continued, the 99 Problems musician revisited the Grammy snub, explaining: “I’m just saying, we want y’all to do it right. We love you all, we want you to do it right. At least do it right.”

Turning his attention to his wife, Beyoncé, Jay couldn’t resist referencing the upset at last year’s Grammys, where the former Destiny’s Child star became the artist with the most wins in history, despite her album Renaissance missing out on the night’s top prize.

Beyoncé on stage during the 2023 GrammysBeyoncé on stage during the 2023 Grammys

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“Obviously it’s subjective, because it’s music, and it’s opinion-based,” Jay said.

“I’m just saying, we want you all to do it right. We love you all, we want you to do it right. At least do it right. And of course this is subjective, because it’s music, and it’s opinion based.

“But there are some things… You know, I don’t want to embarrass this young woman, but she has more Grammys than anyone, and has never won Album Of The Year, so even by your own standards, that doesn’t work? Think about it. Most Grammys. Never won Album of the Year. It didn’t work.”

Addressing the musicians in attendance, he continued: “Some of you will go home tonight and feel like you’ve been robbed. Some of you may be robbed. Some of you don’t fall into that category. No, no, no, when I feel nervous, I tell the truth!”

He concluded: “Beyond that, we have to keep performing. Forget the Grammys for a moment. Just in life. We have to keep performing. Until they give you all the credit you think you deserve.”

Beyoncé and Jay-Z pose at the 2024 GrammysBeyoncé and Jay-Z pose at the 2024 Grammys

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Beyoncé has been nominated for Album Of The Year five times in her career (including as a contributor to Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster), but has lost every time.

He currently holds the record as the artist with the most Grammy wins to his name, with a total of 32 wins.

Jay has called for a Grammy in the past, after his album 4:44 became the most-nominated project at the awards show in 2018, but he ultimately went home empty-handed.

“Tell the Grammys, damn ‘0 for 8,’” he can be heard rapping on Beyoncé’s collaboration Apeshit, released later that year.

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