Jamie Dornan Hospitalized With Poisonous Caterpillars, Friends Say

Jamie Dornan was apparently hospitalized with heart attack-like symptoms after encountering a poisonous caterpillar.

While appearing on BBC radio show The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected, Scottish broadcaster Gordon Smart, a friend of Jamie, explained how the two men experienced racing hearts and discomfort in their arms during a golf trip to Portugal last year.

After a night of drinking with friends, Gordon said he began to feel “pins and needles in the left hand and pins and needles in the left arm,” symptoms that are “usually a sign of the start of a heart attack.”

He was taken to a local medical center, where doctors told him his heart rate was 210 BPM and sent him to the hospital. Only later did he find out that Jamie had also checked himself into hospital after experiencing the same symptoms.

Although doctors initially blamed too much caffeine and alcohol on their vacation, a week after the incident, Gordon said he got “a call from the doctor” asking if the group had come into contact with caterpillars while on vacation.

That’s when they knew they would likely encounter processional caterpillars on the golf course.

“It turned out there were caterpillars on a golf course in the south of Portugal that had killed a man’s dog and caused a heart attack in a man in his 40s,” Gordon said.

Pine procession caterpillarPine procession caterpillar

Minh Hoang Cong / 500 pixels via Getty Images

Processional caterpillars have tiny hairs that contain toxic proteins that can trigger itching, rashes, eye irritation, sore throats and difficulty breathing in both humans and animals, according to the website of the entomology department at the University of Florida.

“It turns out we encountered a procession caterpillar and were very lucky to get out of it alive,” added Gordon.

“So, that’s my story. The good news is, it’s not a caffeine overdose, it’s not a hangover. “It’s a poisonous and poisonous caterpillar,” he concluded.

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